Movies, Dreams, Stories

I’m watching American History X. I’m a little more than an hour into it. It is a good movie. Just as people told me it would be. Its a hard movie to watch though. A lot of racism. I’m a fan of Avery Brooks. There are somethings in the movie that you can take away as good. Hopefully there will be more as the movie continues.

What have you done to improve your life? A question to think about. Repeatedly.
Better things have happened. But I have a feeling. A dread. Something will still happen. The world is a messed up place.

Good things are happening for a friend of mine. Or at least it seems things are heading that way. He’s happy and I’m happy for him. Its a fun and exciting time. Perhaps one day I’ll have that but for now at least I can enjoy his stories and him being happy.

Edward Norton is a good actor too.

I had a few interesting dreams last night. Ppl that I’ve never really thought about or from many years gone by popping up. So strange. I’ve been remembering more of dreams lately. I’m enjoying it. I made good choices in the dream, now to follow it up in real life.
Something bad did happen. Sorry if this spoils any of the movie for those of you that haven’t seen it.

Its over now. I did enjoy it. I’m glad I bought it.

I’m glad that we can learn from the past. And not let things from the past spoil other things.

I’m really excited about buying some new books. I use to read a lot of science fiction. I started with star trek (TNG). I was a huge fan. heh, I probably own more star trek books than everyone else i know altogether has just read. But I branched out into other things. There is some great fiction and non-fiction stuff out there. I think people really should read more. And I don’t mean text books. I mean real books. Real stories. Some books have such greath depth to them. And teach more than facts. They teach about life. And life lessons. And even when they don’t go so deep. They make you think, and they inspire. Kite Runner was a really good book. I hear A Fine Balance is incredible as well. I’m going to try it out. I’ll let you guys know. I’m also going to pick up some of the books I read back in highschool. Just b/c I enjoyed them. Its almost 130, I should sleep.


4 responses to “Movies, Dreams, Stories

  1. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  2. Which books have you been reading? Maybe you can suggest some, and I shall suggest some to you! 🙂

    I had a few interesting dreams last night. Ppl that I’ve never really thought about or from many years gone by popping up. So strange.

    That happens to me, too! People I haven’t thought about years pop into my dreams. Quite odd, indeed!

    Nice to hear that your friend is happy. I have a lot of happy friends too. I just wonder when life will start picking up for me lol… well, someday InshAllah.

    So what books are you reading?? I am currently reading “My Name Is Red” by Orhan Pamuk, “Catch-22” and “The Great Theft” (non-fiction).

    Some fiction books I’d recommend, if you are interested:

    A Confederacy of Dunces
    My Uncle Napoleon
    The Confessions of Max Tivoli
    Arabian Nights and Days (by Naguib Mahfouz)
    A Separate Peace
    The Alchemist (I’m sure you’ve already read it).

    I have a lot more to recommend. Also, if you are interested in reading about Middle Eastern studies, I can recommend lots of books in that genre too! 🙂

  3. Right now I’m reading A Handmaids Tale. After that I’m not sure…I have stuff sitting on my shelf, Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Step-sister, and I started but haven’t finished 3 Musketeers (which got a bit tiresome) and The Virgins Knot (which I’m just not liking).

    I’ll look up your suggestions though. Thanks.

    And yeah I read The Alchemist and really liked it. I also read 11 minutes by the same author. Since then he’s come out with a bunch of other stuff but I’m worried that he may just be following a formula now. Have you read any of his other stuff?

  4. Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

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