yay, only 2 more hrs til I take off! πŸ™‚ This has been a really good work week. Very busy, but productive and enjoyable. I finished my latest spec yesterday. Now I got a whole pile of other stuff to do. Including an accounting spec. Now they do have a system in place for that. But this is really going to automate a lot of things and its cool but …, my head is like overloaded with stuff trying to keep in mind all the different things that can happen. Why does accounting have to be so complicated.

I find it interesting how things seem to happen in parallel so often. Parallel may not be the correct word but basically its a whole lot of coincidences that occur all the time. And truly I mean all the time. It can’t be just me either. I think its just natural as these are the issues and topics thats on everyones mind and that everyone must deal with.

I know I struggle to do everything I want to do. Although I’ve become much better at it. And I’ve stopped giving excuses. I mean, why not now. Its a good question with rarely a good answer. Zaina spent a lot of time the other day planning her schedule for the next few months. Farheen just posted a blog talking about the difficulties of finding time for everything. Determing what and who are our priorities in life. And really finding time for ourselves. And Darrin has been killing himself working night and day (literally) for work. Everyone struggles for balance. Although I have got better, I need to improve some more. Specifically evaluate my priorities because you know what, my time is valuable.

Happy Birthday to Dania who celebrated her bday yesterday!

I’m not sure if I’ll blog this weekend….so Happy Birthday to my Mom!!! She’ll kill me if I post her age, but her Birthday is this coming Monday. I’m giving her the best present ever, ME! hehe I’m coming home for the weekend πŸ˜›

I got rejected yesterday. No CitiBank American Airlines Platinum World Class CreditCard for me. 😦 My credit history is not long enough for them. Though I guess its good I do at least have some sort of credit history in the states now. And its not a big deal. I don’t even use my Canadian credit card. But I really wanted to build up my airmiles. And I have a lot of expenses coming. Plus on signing up I could have got up to 20,000 airmiles. By the end of August I should already have about 7,500 airmiles. Maybe more if I go to ISNA which I’m really thinking about. I haven’t visited ppl in Chicago in like 5-6 years. And I’ve never gone to ISNA. Hopefully, its good. And not bad in the way I hear its sorta become. But yeah, 25,000 airmiles is a free flight. Oh well. I’ll get it 1 day.

I lost Mexico! 😦 haha. Farheen introduced me to the wonderful world of StatCounter. Though I’ve used the counter for ages, I never really checked the stats it gives. And I’m kinda looking at it more than I should be now. I had gone international! Getting hits from US, CDN, Mexico, Phillipines, and the UK. umm…..ok so 98% of traffic is US and CDN. I’m a geek and i just find it cool. But it only tracks the last 100 or so hits. So mexico is gone…oh well. k. marketing meeting time. later ppls.

And the weekend is near….


3 responses to “Rejected!


    This is definitely for the webmaster geek. It has pie charts.

  2. Keep up the good work. thnx!

  3. This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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