Flying fun

So this past weekend I went back to home and it was great. The weekend involved quite a bit of long waiting but overall went quite fast. I flew back Thursday night. I didn’t have time to pick up a book before going to the airport so I thought no problem, I’ll pick something up at the airport. But once I get there I’m looking around and there was nothing I wanted. I saw a M.Crichton book I hadn’t read yet but I figured, meh, the flight is only 1 hr I can wait. The flight did get delayed 30mins in the terminal but we finally boarded the plane. The plane taxi’s out and then….lines up behind 30, yes 30! planes also waiting for takeoff…I ended up flying out at 930, 3hrs after the initial take-off time.

Flying in was also a problem. Rasheed, my mom, my sister are telling that something always happens when I fly. Rasheed jokse that I’m cursed. Obviously we dont’ believe such nonsense but I do seem to have…bad luck. More on that later.

Friday I went for my TN visa and other than the long waiting time it went smoothly. I then met up for Darrin for lunch in Hamilton which was nice. Just caught up on whats going on. And got some pasta from him. Thanks man. I’ll let you know how it is when I try it out. The rest of the day I just spent with family.

Saturday was the day of the bbq/picnic. Weather reports were saying a 60% chance of thunder showers. But it barely even drizzled and that was only for 2mins. The weather was awesome overall! Somewhere around 27-28 ppl showed up and everything went really well. The food was great and we played some games. I definitely got a cardio workout that day. I’m still feeling sore actually. Played some football, soccer, and then went back to the good old days of Soccer-Baseball haha.

And then the inevitable. The water / shaving cream fight. I was again chased around the park and then some by mostly Adil and Jessani trying to get me. Jessani did manage to get me a bit in the back but nothing major. It may be that they will get me, but I still refuse to make it easy on them. I won’t go down without a fight. Although next year, I think I’ll do less running and just stand there and we both spray each other. After the bbq we all went for dinner and chilled at Ben’s place. Good times. I of course won at Settlers and then got accused at being Evil again before even taking a turn. Somethings never change.

Sunday was a bunch of last minute errands and spending time with family before taking off. Where again I had problems flying. 2 years ago I flew to India. It was my first time flying in over 12 years and it was so exciting. I still enjoy flying, its a trip and I enjoy going places. But I’ve taken like 15 or so flights in the last 2 years now and yeah its fun, but I think I do seem to have some bad luck flying. Looking at my flights for the last 2 years (Not counting layovers, just flights)

1. Toronto -> Amsterdam – Delayed 5hrs, get switched to low-end alternative airline in the end.
2. Amsterdam -> Delhi – Delayed 2.5hrs
3. Delhi -> Hyderabd – Luggage is lost, got it back 2 days later.
4. Hyderabad -> Chennia – Delayed 3hrs.
5. Hyderabad -> Delhi = Delayed 2hrs.
6. Delhi -> Amsterdam. Yay, no problems.
7. Amsterdam -> Toronto – Customs makes me open my luggage for inspection.
8. Toronto -> NY. Customs Deny me a TN visa and I can’t fly out. (went to niagara border and got it w/ np)
9. Toronto -> NY. Yay, no problems.
10. NY -> Toronto. Yay, no problems.
11. Toronto -> NY. Yay, no problems.
12. NY -> Toronto. Yay, no problems.
13. Toronto -> NY. Yay, no problems.
12. NY -> Toronto. Yay, no problems.
13. Toronto -> Amsterdam – Delayed 3hrs.
14. Amsterdam -> Rome – Delayed 1hr.
15. Amsterdam -> Hyderabad – Delayed 1.5hrs, my cousin’s ticket gets cancelled.
16. Hyderabad -> Amsterdam – Delayed 2hrs.
17. Amsterdam -> Toronto – Delayed 2.5hrs.
18. Toronto -> NY – Customs stops me for further questioning, search my carry-on and wallet. I miss my flight and get put on a later flight.
19. NY -> Toronto – Flight delayed 3hrs.
20. Toronto -> NY – Customs stops me for further questioning. They tell me they know this happened previously in May, its b/c my name is similiar to someone they have on a list and they need to veriy some info about me. They don’t ask me any questions or search anything this time but I miss my flight and get put on a later flight. And they tell me this will probably happen 9/10 times so I should come earlier to make sure I don’t miss my flight.

Woah, thats more flights than I thought. And basically something happened 14/20 times. So 70% of the time…anybody else have some fun flying stories?


One response to “Flying fun

  1. cursed i tell ya, CURSED!!! haha

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