BBQ Pictures!!!

Pictures from the 4th Annual BBQ/Picnic/Potluck. Unfortunately didn’t get a group shot, but oh well. It was fun. The food, the games, even the being chased around the park. The dinner at night. The games at night. I miss that, just being able to get together with ppl and play board games. And hang out. Good times.

Some ppl can’t wait to eat

mmm….the food was great!!

Everybody eating

Random bbq pic

Myself & June

Vince with some “Special” Brownies

Ken, ?, Myself, Seiji

Soccer baseball was fun

Jessani & Ben at the restaurant for dinner

Darrin, Adil, and Nadim Posted by Picasa


2 responses to “BBQ Pictures!!!

  1. Seems like the day was a lot of fun!! Too bad I couldn’t make it. How were the brownies? đŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t know. Unfortunately, though I love chocolate…. ‘special’ brownies aren’t something I’m going to try.

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