Picture Archive

Here are all the pictures I’ve put up on this blog. I’ll update this page as I put up more. And this post will be permanently linked in the left column somewhere over
<—– There.


7. 5th Annual BBQ!
6. Katie, Vivian, and Miss. Peacock visit NYC!
5. Museum Mile
4. Dancing My Way Home!
3. Amazing Race NYC!
2. Food!
1. Mosaic & Old old pictures


19. NYC Halloween Parade
18. Cookies! (and Caitlin, Mike, Anojan, myself)
17. San Francisco
16. Its a small world & a BIG universe
15. Alia’s Wedding Parties
14. Alia’s Pre-Wedding Parties

13. 4th Annual BBQ

12. Mike, Caitlin, & I chilling in NY

11. India Pictures
10. Florence, Venice, Interlaken, Bern
9. Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam

8. Rome

7. Pompeii

6. Pisa

5. Visiting Caitlin in CT

4. Darrin, Jenn, Jane, & Caitlin Visit

3. Remembering 2005

2. Cousins – Group Picture

1. New York & Washington – Rasheed Visits


3. Going Home for xmas holidays & New years
2. Friends &amp;amp; Family & Convocation

1. Soon after first arriving in New York


One response to “Picture Archive

  1. hey ahmed. reply to my email or something – i wanna go for this diet thing with you guys! and i know i will make more of an effort if its in a groupie! but hey if not, good luck with your target

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