The International Etiquette Test

So L arrived yesterday, yay. I picked her up, we went back to Brooklyn and then we went into the city cause I had to go to work. And I showed her a cafe to get a bite and we decided she’d walk around and I’d meet up with after 3hrs after work. I get back to work and all of a sudden it starts to rain, hard. I’m like man, L’s gonna get soaked.

But it didn’t last long. She was fine, she waited it out. We met up after work and walked to Times Square. And then it rained. And we both got pretty wet. Decided to come home and order in. Man, same thing happened when Rasheed visited. At least for the 1st day. But it was nice we ordered food and talked, and a bit of a political debate, it was good. Though staying up til 3+ and then getting up for work…..not fun.

I’m gonna leave this as a short post today, the first in ages I know. But here’s a neat lil test I got from Benson, I got a 5 I think…i forget…but there were like 3 I knew but then 2nd guessed and got it wrong…grrr…hehe. Laters.

The International Etiquette Test


One response to “The International Etiquette Test

  1. sounds like you and “L” had a good time hehe 🙂 Your parents seem pretty open minded that you can be such good friends with a girl! wow. We are a bit more old fashioned in that sense hehe

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