Waterloo Witch Project Part 1

5 years ago or so, some friends and I while on our first co-op terms and not too incredibly busy decided to write a story by email. One of those things were everyone writes a line or so at a time. I’ve decided to post it up on here. Its full of old inside jokes but maybe ppl will enjoy it anyways. Its too long to put up in 1 shot so I’ll do it in a few pieces. The writers were Remil, Umair, Darrin, and myself.


The following story is intended for Geeky audience only. The characters in this story do not portray any resemblance to real life individuals. This story contains stupidity, patheticness and immature content. Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Over the weekend Gabriel tired of working on his work report. So in order to have a lil fun he decided to play some video games, during which the girl of his dreams walks into his room. He drops his video game, looks at her and says “HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ……I mean…..you are just like an anime character” and then realizes….that she IS an anime character. He was looking at his TV this whole time.

After wiping away the tears, he get a call from Vivian,who says “Hi Gabriel, I was just feeling a little bored and was wondering if you wanna come over and play some basket ball with me?”

Gabriel replies, “Sure…but first I have to smother myself in vasline to make sure that, hahah, well you know.”

Vivian: “teehee teehee, oh in that case….lemme get some grease because grease will help me in……”
Gabriel replies, “umm…I don’t think grease would be the appropriate lubricant for this job.”

Vivian: “whoa whoa whoa….what kind of ‘job’ are you thinking of buddy?”

Gabriel: “well, I duno….just figured it would be an inside job since its such a nice day outside.”

At this point, Vivian hangs up the phone and decides to give Anojan call, who had just finished writing a totally useless program about everyone’s purchases at Futureshop. The two start a heated discussion about anime.

Vivian: “You know what Anojan, Everyone’s right you know, Umu, Mohammed, Darrin….ESPECIALLY DARRIN!!! Animes are just cartoons but for some reason messed up people like you, me, and Gabriel can’t help but love them. I think the reason we like anime so much is because…oh, can you hold for a second there’s someone the door.”

Part 2 coming later……hmm…I think the story works better when as whole than smaller pieces…but its too long and I don’t want to format it all right now….so…oh well.


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