A Bird in Hand

I find too often people are not happy with what they have obtained but rather are still upset and disappointed about what they never had and still do not. I am at times guilty of this myself. till, I hope feel that by and large I am grateful for things I’ve been blessed with.

I don’t have anything in particular I want to write about right now. I just kinda felt like writing. I’m in a good mood. And not just about myself but about the world. There are so many amazing things in this world. Its so cool. And I’ve experienced many good things and inshallah will get to see and experience many many more.

Another thought that ran threw my mind earlier a was how things can be so close yet so far. But that doesn’t really fit in here. Oh well.

Part 2? I think i’ll just put the whole story up later instead of breaking into pieces. Its just easier for me in the end. It’ll be up later this week.

Unfortunately, I’m getting too many spam comments so I’m going to have to turn on that word verfication thing. 😦 Not like ppl comment much anyways…punks.


One response to “A Bird in Hand

  1. Here’s a comment for you, Ahmed…you seem quite the insightful person…keep it up…love your blog…it’s very interesting. 🙂

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