My Celebrity Look-alikes

Ok so Saara had me try this out….I did it with the first few pictures I could find….I’m not too sure about the results…..I might have to try it again….hmm…there was no overlap between any of the pictures…what do you think? I think I’ll try some more where I’m wearing glasses later…and maybe where I’m smiling and showing my teeth.


3 responses to “My Celebrity Look-alikes

  1.’re so pretty.

    you’ve oc ladies, desperate housewives and tennis stars.

    you’re hot


  2. haha, darn right I am! 😛

    Maybe someone will see this and give me a tv show?

  3. damnit, I’ve tried so many times, it won’t work for me!!!! I always get to the “Choose the pictures” part and there is NOTHING there, grrrrr

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