Assorted Thoughts

So the wedding was awesome. My flight was late as usual (Rasheed jinx’ed me I say!) and I went straight from Pearson airport to the hall for the Mehndi. I grabbed my clothes from my parents and snuck into the bridal room to change. As soon as I step outside Alia’s right there and gives me a big hug. She looked great and very happy. Oh and I looked excellent if I do say so myself 😛 haha.

I go say salaam to my Dadi and some relatives. Many of whom said that I’m next. :S ….meh, its nothing I’m not already use to really. And then I introduced myself to the guy and he seemed really nice and friendly so thats wonderful. I’m happy.

The next few days were crazy hectic running around, driving around, to get errands done. Staying up late to finish last minute preparations and then getting up early to do even more. But it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. And seeing all my relatives was really nice.

I must admit when returning I just felt down and depressed…you know its been a year now since I arrived. Yep, 1 year last week. So much has changed and so much hasn’t. I’ve made some new friends….and I’ve lost some as well……sigh…well whats that saying of musashi’s….onward and upward……always getting stronger….

Speaking about returning. Seriously, sometimes I get so sick of customs. ARGH. Like at times I’m like forget it. I’m going to leave this stupid country. Its not worth it at all. I got held by customs again though I got up at 430am and made it to the airport early enough that that I still had plenty of time for my 830 flight. But then at the gate they stop me and ask to see my documents again. Not the freaking X number of ppl before me (least for the time I was watching) and I don’t know about after me. But I don’t care. They did stop me. And while it only took 2 mins…..sigh…its just tiring.

Side note: What the heck is wrong with some ppl. Learn to walk and stop gettnig in my way. Sheesh, I love how I can walk 4 blocks getting 3 red lights and never have to break stride but I hate how some ppl don’t know how to walk and cause me to break stride 5 times just trying to get around them.

I don’t like to use the word hate. I dont’ really hate. Its much to strong of a word. But I dont’ care right now so hate is the word i’ll use.

Its strange how some ppl don’t know you at all and yet they should know you so well. And others know so much and you don’t even remember how that happened.

I went out with friends last night for dinner. It was very impromptu and it was nice. I don’t do very many things like that. Its hard when you’re in the city and don’t know many ppl. But it was nice. Met some new ppl. It makes me feel a bit old when I can sit and talk about politics for an hour. I use to get so bored of such talk when I was younger. Its still not my favourite subject. Its interesting now. But it just makes me upset at the state of the world. Seriously, ppl should just make me king 😛

When is enough enough? Soon enough.

Ever be standing on the platform waiting for the train, music in your ear and smile on your face quietly singing to yourself. Perhaps tapping the beat. on the train, shifting side to side. shoulders moving a bit. dancing to the beat………me neither.

Ok so ISNA is a no go. But Bostons looking good now.

Oh pictures from the wedding, yeah I’ll put some up later. You’ll have to come back to look.

I had a doctors appointment while I was back. No surgery for now. I’ll re-evaluate things at my next appointment with him. Who knows when I’ll have time for that.

I did a test on patience and forgiveness. The results said I’m a Balanced Forgiver. Balanced eh? hehe who knew…


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