Boston, Cambridge, Philly, Jersey Gardens, Princeton & NY

So its been awhile, I’ve been busy. I have pictures to put up! But not today. Tomorrow! Lets just start with this last weekend. So Rasheed and I decided to go on a roadtrip. Early Saturday morning I take the Chinatown bus to Boston and meet Rasheed there, he rented a car and drove up. Rasheed kept circling around trying to find me b/c of the streets and then finally makes me run to catch up with his car before he’s forced to leave at a traffic light. Boston is pretty nice. I like stone roads and walking areas.

The street performers were cool in Quincy market though that city hall building or whatever it was…..seriously its just like MC! I’ll show the picture in a later post. We checked out S. Boston, the financial district, chinatown, downtown, old city, and Boston Common as well. Its not a bad city. Next we went to Cambridge to check out MIT and Harvard. Got to say…aside from a couple of nice buildings…..not that impressed. They’re just like any other school really.

So at late at night its time to drive back to NY. Except…..we don’t really have directions….no worries, we know the direction to head. So we’re doing alright and then we start to see some signs when we’re close and we’re like…..where should we exist….I’m like Rasheed check the map I dont’ want to end up in NJ. 5 secs later, Shoot we’re in NJ (seeing the welcome to NJ sign). But we turned around and just exited in Harlem and drove through manhattan down and I knew my way once getting down to the Brooklyn Bridge. The mental NY map I have is subway map 😛 doesn’t work as well for cars hehe

So Sunday we decide to check out Philly. We get there with no problems. Check out the historical areas and parks. The parks are nice but meh, I didn’t care for the historical area much. I liked the really city of Philly better. Much more lively and looked like more fun. Though that one street with all the flags of different countries looked really nice. We went to the Art museum and ran up the steps. But alas, the Rocky statue was in storage 😦 . Later when getting dinner we find this really great African place, Kilmanjaro food I believe. I got a ton of lamb chops that were some of the best I’ve ever had. Enough for 2 meals (not counting the rice) for only $10. I would go back to philly for those! mmm! Then head back to NY. again with no real directions…

We went south coming so we’re like ok take north now. After driving on I95N for awhile it becomes 286N or something then all of a sudden…it became I95S! what? We get off and back on and try again and same sort of thing. Its like we keep being sent back to Philly! We figured it out eventually. Apparently you have to exit take another highway and then get back on the I95N otherwise you end up going S again…weird.

Monday we went to Princeton. Princeton seemed like a really quiet place. But the campus was really nice. And we went to Jersey Gardens for shopping! I finally got some new shoes, though I still need more hehe. Jeans and a couple of polo shirts. oh and we saw Invincible which was…alright.

On other notes, I’m going to the orientation today. That should be interesting. I’ve been meaning to get around and do some volunteer work for awhile.

Ramadan is less than a month away! 🙂

I find that everytime I feel I’m more patient than I’ve ever been before…that patience is tested. But I become inshallah a better and even more patient person each time.

Crazy is, as crazy does.

Shaving while tired, with a blade, at 2am, is not smart.

Smiling is important.

I watched Crash and it was good. And Rambo 1 which was alright. Batteries not included was blah (better when i was a kid). To Sir, With love as good as always. And incredibles was great. I’m thinking of starting a review blog for books and movies and stuff. I think i may have mentioned that before…we’ll see.

Having balance is difficult.

I want a nap.


2 responses to “Boston, Cambridge, Philly, Jersey Gardens, Princeton & NY

  1. nice post guy…but u forgot da 2 best parts of da trip…first obviously my wallet :p…second…you saying “lets follow da fat girl she will lead us 2 food”!?!??!?! damn ahmed damn!!! haha
    p.s. it really is a nice wallet!!

  2. i would like 2 c a picture of rasheed’s wallet…it sounds really nice!

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