Accept Change with a Smile……

Do you have the courage to be yourself? Although sometimes it can be hard and there are many things that can help you get lost. Its never too late to change. Never forget who you are. And who you are, is really who you choose to be.

Sooner or later a crisis comes in your life,
And how you meet it determines your future happiness and success.
Since the beginning of time,
Everyone has been called upon to meet such a crisis.

A closer look will show you that most “crisis situations”
Are opportunities to either advance or stay where you are.
Indeed most changes in your life will take place out of either “inspiration” or “desperation”.

Whatever comes your way,
Give it meaning and transform it into something of value.
Your personal growth is the process of responding positively to change.

A precious stone cannot be polished without friction,
Nor humanity perfected without trials.

Forget about your worries;
Go lay out in the sun.
Forget about your mistakes–
They’re over and done.
Take the time to give yourself
Some praise every single day.
Take some time to appreciate
The flowers along the way.
Let your troubles slip away;
Forget the many burns
Even the waves that caress the beach
Know the tide will turn.
Forget about what people think,
And focus only on love;
Someone is watching over you–
Someone from above.


2 responses to “Accept Change with a Smile……

  1. nice poem…as 4 da changin with a smile…i dont wanna…i wish i was still 5 and livin da care free life…growin up suX :p
    and i agree with u on dat most changes in life come about because of of either “inspiration” or “desperation”

  2. did you write that? never knew you were that poetic

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