A story of Fate

I woke up today feeling kind of sick. But I made myself get up. Not only get up but go down and do some cardio. And then I had a nice long shower and well a very quick breakfast. And the sky was bright, the air was fresh, the wind was a bit chilly but thats ok. And I had my music going and I feel great.

And a bit hungry. =P

I feel that these days when I talk to others I am very calm. And peaceful. Its interesting what impressions people get from that. But I’m happy that people trust me and talk to me when they need help or just need to talk. I hope that outward calm and peace will describe my internal state more and more.


King Solomon’s servant came breathlessly into the court, “Please! Let me borrow your fastest horse!” he said to the King. “I must be in a town ten miles south of here by nightfall!”

“Why?” asked King Solomon.

“Because,” said his shuddering servant, “I just met Death in the garden! Death looked me in the face! I know for certain I’m to be taken and I don’t want to be around when Death comes to claim me!”

“Very well,” said King Solomon. “My fastest horse has hoofs like wings. TAKE HIM.” Then Solomon walked into the garden. He saw Death sitting there with a perplexed look on its face. “What’s wrong?” asked King Solomon.

Death replied, “Tonight I’m supposed to claim the life of your servant whom I just now saw in your garden. But I’m supposed to claim him in a town ten miles south of here! Unless he had a horse with hooves like wings, I don’t see how he could get there by nightfall . . .”


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