Wedding Pictures!

Ok, long overdue I’ve finally put Alia’s wedding pictures up.

But first a couple of quick side items.

1) AAAHHHH!!!!!!!! The day has been set (Oct 28th), the count down begins. So I have to really start preparing seriously now….sigh. Any prayers for me are welcome, if you forget I’ll remind when the time comes =p

2) So I’m reading Catcher & the Rye. And such a coincidence that I rent Six Degrees of Seperatation and its crazy. Theres a whole scene discussing the book and possible meanings of the book. And when thinking of those things the book is cool. Other than that though, I’m really annoyed by Holden, like many of said maybe if I’d read this in highschool I would have enjoyed it.

Anyhow, on to pictures!

My Parents

Umber, Mom, Myself, Nana

Myself & Afroze

Umber & I


Alia & my Mom

Mom, Dad, Alia, Umber, Myself

Some of the cousins at Alia’s house

Alia and her parents

Farah and Saara

Sohail, Farah, Hafsa, Alia, Saara, Myself

Arsalan, Myself, Rabia, Alia, Saara

Rabia, Hafsa, Myself, Hajra, Saara

The Bride & Groom

Saara, Umber, Hafsa

The Husband and Wife

Rasheed and Alia

And now Alia just acting silly =)

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