Ahhhhhhh…eeeep! …oooh chocolate

Ok, I’m about to do something very scary. I’ve only done it once before. It was scary then. Nerve racking. And some good came out of it, but not as much as I hoped. Maybe this time will be different. Its still as nerve racking as ever. But yes, we’ll see. Just got to say Bismillah and hope for the best.

On a lighter note (ending on a heavier note =(….well hopefuly not). I was hungry at lunch. At lunch? Noo…..but yes! at lunch! hehe. anyhow. So I was hungry and I went to the atm cause i only had $3 in my wallet. But atm wasn’t working boooo. And then I was running late. So I went to the masjid. and then just went to the restaurant and got 2 shish kebab and a naan for $3. Not a bad deal eh? But…sigh, I was still hungry. So I went to the closest other atm which is a nearby cafe. I didn’t want to go there….b/c of temptation….but I also…sort of did….b/c of that temptation. And tempt me it did! I caved. I got the double chocolate muffin….AND it was good. Just as I remember. Hence me alluding to ending on a heavier note 😦 I haven’t lost any weight…..though I do feel…less wide. But then I’ve been sick lately so thats thrown a wrench into my routine…..we’ll see. I aim to be at the gym again by saturday.

I watched Chocolat last night. Movie wasn’t as good as I hoped. The chocolate in the movie however looked fantastic. I was cravign some soo much! I guess this cures my cravings for awhile….at least it better.


One response to “Ahhhhhhh…eeeep! …oooh chocolate

  1. CHOCOLAT!!! You’re right, the movie isn’t as good as I hoped it would be either. But man, after watching that movie years ago, it’s been my dream to own a cute little cafe in a cute little village!! InshAllah someday! I went to Paris last summer. The MOST AMAZING CHOCOLATE SHOPS EVER!! I swear, I will go back someday JUST for the chocolate!! You can go into a store and buy a cheap box of truffles for 1 euro and it’ll STILL be 100 times better than the most expensive chocolate in america!! *sigh* *drool*


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