Its a BIG universe

I’m so weak. I went to the gym to workout today and could barely do anything. I stopped after 5 excercises. And trust me, those 5 excercises did not go well 😦 Well….I havne’t gone for a week so…maybe thats part of it? We’ll see…I just hope I don’t gain (bad) weight during ramadan.

I found these pics on another blog I stumbled upon and I’m stealing them and putting them up here πŸ˜› I just found it really cool. And they don’t make me feel small or insignificant or anything. Rather, I find it unimaginable how big these things really are. But I do find it amazing that such things exist in this universe. Its incredible.

Oh and Antares is only the 15th brightest star in the sky and more than 1000 light years away!

I just ate some chicken and hummas and argh…I feel so full….like too full 😦

Speaking of argh, that just reminded me. I did all my laundry last night. and then I went to my bathroom and Argh! my towels, i forgot to do my towels….man…sigh.

Does anyone want survivor? I admit I’m a fan. This season they were divided by race. Ok…its dumb but yes it did get me interested as well. Though really, 5 ppl do not a race represent. Nor could any 5 ppl. Really, I’d have liked to see a team diversity, I’d cheer them on. Anyone, with 6 odd billion ppl on earth. and 1 billion plus in china. and another 1 billion plus in india. Thats like 1 out of 3 ppl. Yet on survivor none of the 20 ppl are from either of these places? in fact, no brown ppl at all. whats up with that? Still, i’m enjoying the season so far, and i’d say my favourite team is the asian team. but thats just b/c they seem like competent players that are nice ppl.

k, i’m tired, thats all for now.

2 responses to “Its a BIG universe

  1. first thing that comes 2 mind after seeing da pix is SubhanAllah — “Perfect Glory is to ALLAH”. like u it didnt make me feel small but left me in awe of HIS glory.

  2. Yes, I had similiar thoughts. Its just incredibly amazing.

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