Return to innocence & riddle

Dont be afraid to be weak
Dont be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence.

At times I feel quite old. I always have been in a sense. Just by personality. But there is that side of me, that comes out, hehe actually it comes out quite often, thats just a goofy kid. And its fun I enjoy that. Its good to be happy and enjoy life. I am a glass half full type person. But I’m losing track of where I set out to go in this. What was it that I wanted to say…I guess over the last few years, I just feel I have lost some innocence. Could I say I’m even cynical? No, I don’t think I’m that far gone. But there are so many reasons why this has happened. Sometimes things happen and it just makes you grow up. It takes you away from whatever world you were in. Ok, I’m losing myself now. And now I’ll contradict myself. Despite all this, and whtever innocence I may have lost. I choose to hope and dream and believe. So vague, I know. Let it be. I choose to smile.

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself dont hide
Just believe in destiny.
Dont care what people say
Just follow your own way
Dont give up and use the chance
To return to innocence.

I’ve been so tired the last few days. Its hard, you work for 9-10hrs then come home and study for 3-4 hrs more. So tiring….but my test is on the 28th….and i’m starting to worry. Thats not that far away :S . If anyone wants to pray I do well, its most welcome πŸ™‚ I haven’t been going to the gym either b/c I haven’t had time and I just don’t have the energy. I can tell I’m smaller. But not smaller in the lost fat, smaller in the lost muscle 😦

Thats not the beginning of the end
Thats the return to yourself
The return to innocence

Ok, so here’s a funny story. I was heading out the other night to Ben&Jerry’s. And I go downstairs and try to leave but the front door of the building is locked. I look back and the doormans not at his desk. Ok, makes sense. He probably went to the bathroom and they are suppose to lock the door when leave so no stranger walks in. Although I didnt know it locks me in as well. But anyways, the funny part is that. My neighbours, a couple with a new baby, come by from the outside and are struggling with all their stuff and come to the door. And the woman looks at me to open the door and I kind of just shrug a sorry. She doesn’t quite understand but the guy starts to laugh. Takes out his key and opens the door. And then is like, do you want us to let you out? I’m like hehe, yes please =) . I duno maybe you had to be there it was funny.

I have an apartment key (obviously) and the mail key, but never made a building key copy b/c didn’t think I had to. Over a year now and its the first time its happened so….I think i’ll keep taking my chances.

Oh, I deleted Brent, Illia, and Jenise b/c their blogs are pretty much dead. But I added Madiha and Sarah (she actually has like 4 blogs! but i only added the main one, you can find links to the rest from there) in the left column. I asked my other friend Farheen, but she’s being shy. So maybe if ppl read this, and comment encouraging her, she’ll change her mind =P .

K, let me leave off with this riddle. Lets see if anyone can figure it out =)

It’s brighter than the day, darker then the night. If you eat it it’s haram, if you drink it it’s halal. A woman uses it once in her life, A man three times a day. It’s mentioned in the Holy Quran five times. The word starts with the letter “M” and is….?


3 responses to “Return to innocence & riddle

  1. Do you know the answer to the riddle yourself?? So hard, hmm

  2. Sigh, no And I’ve asked so many people already. 😦

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