What are you doing with your time?

I feel so out of it tonight. I don’t know why. Nothing in particular has me upset. Even the word upset is not quite accurate. I just feel…..blah. Maybe I should eat something….what do I feel like…I’ll have a peanut butter sandwich…don’t really have much else at home right now anyways….

Its weird cause I was in a good mood early today. I like fridays. End of the week. Weekend is here. And I enjoy hearing the speeches by the Imam as well. I always learn something or at least am reminded about something. Today was be grateful and don’t be ungratfull.

If you had 1 year left in your life. What would you do? Be a better person? Spend time with the ppl you care about? Give to charity? Smile and laugh more? Be more caring? Pray more? Read the Quran more?

If you are reading this, chances are you well off in life. You have money or your family does, you work or you study. The simple version of it is, on average people with money will live 20 years longer than the poor ppl of this world. What are you doing with your time?

Anyways, I’m still feeling rather blah. But after my own little spiel…I think I’ll go study for a bit.


4 responses to “What are you doing with your time?

  1. good post…makes us all think.
    what r u studying for?

  2. Thanks. I’m studying for the gmat. Good wishes and prayers welcome 😛 :S

  3. Good luck on your GMAT! InshAllah you’ll do well 🙂 I am wasting too much time!! *cry*

    And I am so sorry for not having yet written a post about Grey’s Anatomy… But let me tell you what I think so far…

    I can’t stand Meredith. I don’t know why anyone likes her. She’s a wh*re. Don’t mean to be mean, but that’s what I think of her. I think she has no real personality or character. I feel bad for Izzie, but I’m glad she has a chance to come back. I liked Alex before and I like him even more now! 🙂 Christina, eh, still don’t like her too much! I think she’s a bit cold. George is as sweet as always! And as far as Dr Shepard is concerned, although I think he’s an idiot, I’m glad he finally made a decision and I hope he sticks with it.

  4. =) Thanks, Inshallah. Its less than 3 weeks away now…eep! ack!

    hehe, no worries. I’m just teasing. I can’t tease too much though…otherwise you’ll flip it around be like…hey how come you don’t do a post on it eh?

    I totally agree with you on Meredith! I wish they could/would just kick her off the show. Yeah, I feel bad for Izzie too…it takes time to get back to normal…but I’m glad they’ve basically said she will be back.

    George is nice hearted cool as always….I havent made up my mind about his gf yet..I forget her name.

    Alex rocks.

    Christina is cold…but thats how some ppl are and she does a good job of it. And you can see her character growing so I like it.

    Boo, still dont’ like Dr. Shepard, I hope he loses to Finn.

    Not sure what to think of Mark (mcsteamy) but I hope Addison finds happiness.

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