2 more days!

2 days to go. 2 days more days. I feel good about the math. And for english…..I’m alright. I’m not terribly confident about the sentence correction portion to be honest. But Inshallah all goes well. I’m scared to give myself expectations for a gmat score. But thats more about giving myself an out. Bah to that. I know what I want, its up to me to work for it and get it. Just inshallah I perform to the best of my abilities and I’ll be fine.

Whats pops to mind is something my Econ prof said one time. He was speaking about Olympic atheletes and he said it much more eloquently than I am about to. But basically he said. Do not wish them luck. That is an insult. These are people that have worked long and hard. They have spent endless hours and energy on their goals. These are professionals. Do not wish them luck, wish them success in performing at the highest of their abilities.

Ok, now back to me. Yo, wish me luck, =p I’m cool with that haha. No, but inshallah I do fine.

I’m really looking forward to having some free time again. Well I’ll be busy with other things but it’ll be 1 big thing out of the way. I could read again! I’m so behind in reading. I don’t read nearly as much as I’d like to…or as much as I may make it sound like I do. But it is so much fun. To get engrossed and so lost in a book that the outside world fades away to oblivion, so nice so nice.

Writing is fun too. I tell a lot of my friends, hey you should start blogging. And they are like, nah, I can’t write. And I’m boring. I’m like…um…look at my blog, its far from a masterpiece. Its just fun. And at times very therapeutic.

So EID was Monday, at least here, for me it was. EIDs not quite the same w/o family, but come to think of it…I haven’t had EID w/ my family in like (was in ny this year and last, india 2 years ago….waterloo the year before…that) wow, it has been awhile. Anyways so what was my EID like this year? Well sir, I went to work, prayed at the masjid, came home and studied. So dull. BUT I honestly did enjoy that it was EID. I was in a good mood. I was feeling happy. So its not ideal, but I can’t complain.

ok, so I’m talking to Zaina and she’s like
Z: My mom made some Biryani, I’ll bring you some Tuesday.
Me: Oh thank you, but actually….I’m not a big biryani fan (yes yes, everyone else loves it….I duno. i prefer to mix my rice and meats myself). But thanks anyways.
Z: Np, are you sure?
M: hey…..actually……did your mom make shir kurma (sp?) the milkly sweet thingy.
Z: Yep, you want some?
M: Yes, that would be awesome!

Going to peoples houses and having shir kurma and chai are something I’ll always associate with EID and I do miss that so it was awesome to get some. Thanks Zaina! (And Mrs. Bari! hehe).

Wednesday I went to an EID dinner at NYU. It was meh. Food I enjoyed, but it wasn’t a social event in which I could really mingle and meet ppl. Had to just sit at the table and watch the show. Which wasn’t bad. but I’m working on expanding my circle so not what I was hoping for. But dah well. Right after my exam on saturday I’m meeting some friends for our own eid dinner and eid exchange (like a secret santa) that should be fun.

2 more days! eeep! ack! Bring it on! πŸ˜›

oh ps. added 3 new blogs on the side over
<——– there. Check them out. Its Ms. Almira, Ms. Hanna, and Mr. Jeff.


6 responses to “2 more days!

  1. SLmz
    All the best- hope it goes well!
    I write a major exam in three weeks time- the wait is killing me! Need to make sure I use the time to study well though…

  2. SO what exactly are u studying ahmed, if you’re doing english AND maths??

    You went to the NYU Eid dinner huh? Do u by any chance know madiha??

    Anyway, I think it’s sweet that u still had a good Eid merely because your mood shifted, and even though u were studying, u stilled enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Mohammed, I heard you did really well on your GMAT! Big congratulations!! πŸ˜€

  4. It’s brighter than the day, darker then the night. If you eat it it’s haram, if you drink it it’s halal. A woman uses it once in her life, A man three times a day. It’s mentioned in the Holy Quran five times. The word starts with the letter “M” and is….?

    What was the answer to this riddle?
    Thank You

  5. dude, where’s my link:P

  6. Bilal: Thanks man, it went great! And yeah, I totally understand, I just wanted it over the last few days and I’m so glad it is! Inshallah you’ll do great on yours πŸ™‚

    Hanna: I was studying for the GMAT.

    Apparently, I’ve gone to a couple events she’s been at, a bowling thing and a mixer type thingy, but I haven’t actually met her met her. So I only know her has a blog/msn friend.

    Jenn: Thank you πŸ™‚

    Anon: Sorry, but I never found out and no one figured it out either. I dont think there is an answer anymore.

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