I am the Man!

First off, here’s a link to another cool blog, Mr. Bilal. It can also be found in the friend section down below on the side over
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Now, I just want to say:

I am the man, that’s what I am
I’m a straight shooter, with a master plan
I am the man, that’s why I’m here
I am the man, I am the man

hehe, ok those are just some lyrics from The Philosopher Kings (whom are Canadian btw!). And just something that was in my head a bit this weekend.

So Saturday, was the day. Time to write the GMAT. My study pattern for it wasn’t the greatest. I studied July – late August. Then I was dumb and lazy and did squat all for awhile. Then late Sept I studied til yesterday when I wrote it I studied again. And truthfully, I was feeling pretty good by the end. I felt I could bomb (relatively) and still pull of a low-mid 600. And while leaving my apartment and walking to the train to go to the test, I just felt, I own this, I’m going to do great on this. And really, its such a nice feeling of confidence to be able to walk into something feeling that way. I don’t mean to sound conceited, I just felt, I guess how I stated in the last post, if I did as well as I’m capable of, I’d do well.

And thats totally not to say I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t sleep much before the test. And I woke up and prayed a bit extra. And during the test, well before and between the 3 different sections of the test are 10min breaks and I was like reciting any and all surahs, kulmas, dua’s, etc that came to mind hehe.

But in the end, things turned out great! I got a 700 which I’m more than satisfied with. Thank goodness no more studying now. It was kinda odd going for an exam again, had many of the same feelings from my old waterloo days. hehe.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, even my doorman was like “mohammed, I want to wish you good luck and I hope you do very well.” it sounds cooler in my head with his french accent than it does on here, but oh well. Thanks everyone. Encouragement is always appreciated.

After the exam I was having this wonderful feeling of Euphoria and feeling happy and kind of smart and so I proceeded to stand on the platform and watch my train come and then leave w/o me. Only to realize a min too late…wait, that was my train…I’m on the wrong side. lol.

I met up with some naseeb friends for dinner later that night. It was our Eid dinner at this restaurant called Dervish. Its alright, though its a very limited halal menu. The atmosphere was nice though. And we were doing our gift exchange thingy. Like a secret santa, but for Eid. I got Sadia. And as many of you know, I had no idea what to get her as I don’t really know her too well. So I was asking a lot of ppl. In the end, I got her 2 shawls and some chocolate and she seemed to like it a lot so I’m glad. Other ppl complimented the gift as well so thats cool.

Giving gifts is fun. Getting too of course =) But I like to give gifts, to the ppl I care about. I feel like I see things fairly often that I’m like oh they would like this or that. Or this reminds me of this person. Its not super amazing stuff by any means but I still think its nice. Though, I think I do need to do a bit of the regular cool nice gift too. Just to mix it up a bit, as much as ppl say its the thought…nice stuff is nice stuff too 😛

The night was really nice overall. One thing I miss about being home in Canada is that I have so many friends back home. And family of course. My family and so many of my cousins. And I have different groups basically that I hang out with, almost always someone or something. Not so much here, though I’ve tried hard to establish that…its a slow process. Anyhow, last night, I had the dinner thingy and lots of ppl were there, and during the night, my mom called, my cousin saara called, my cousins rasheed and hafsa txt’d me, zaina called, caitlin called. I felt more talkative at the dinner than I have in quite sometime (I’m usually pretty quiet…and still was…but less so). And it was just a good fun night. Afterwards they went for hookah but I decided to head home though. I was kinda tired and just wanted to do nothing at home.

Today, did 94875937 loads of laundry and started to clean my room….um….I got my desk done…I think i’ll do a bit a day and finish cleaning by tuesday :p

hmm…anything else that I wanted to say? um….Congratulations Caitlin on the promotion! Thats awesome!

um….oh Anojan and I saw The Prestige today. Not what I expected actually. But its alright. Solid but middle of the road to me, I’ll give it a 3/5.

I didn’t take any pics at the dinner but several others did, I’ll get some soon probably and put those up….still need to put up pics from when Rasheed came down as well….and then update the picture archive…thats a few picture posts out of date now….

Oh wait, I remember what else. I was talking to my mom. And it was strange b/c she brought up something that I was thinking myself lately. If you want something, if you have a goal, you need to belive in yourself. Don’t aim low, aim high, and believe. and have faith, have belief. She was giving examples of wanting to go to ohmra, visit my nani-ma (great grandmother), and now going for hajj.

And in my head I was thinking I was looking for more halal food near work, and I found 2 restaurants and a masjid.I wanted to start praying regularly, and finding that masjid along with some inner resolve has helped me greatly there. I wanted to get a lil book of prayers and it came to me (and on a rainy day where i didn’t feel like going to the masjid, i went anyways and they were giving them away for free!). I had this 1 project I was working on and I was worried about a meeting I had on it, but a sudden shift in priorities caused that to get pushed back giving me ample more time to get it done the way i want to. I had a very important meeting I was very nervous about which I was praying a lot about and it went even better than I expected! I was praying about doing well on the gmat and ppl sent me tips on studying, where to study, and well wishes. And then I did do well. I think I posted this before maybe….or at least talked to some about this before. We are blessed and lucky ppl.

so yeah, I just found it cool how my mom was talking to me about things like this that were already in my head. And just saying you need to belive and work hard and inshallah everything will work out well. =) anways, this message is getting to be too much like a childrens afterschool special….remember kids stay in school and say no to drugs =P haha

Todays post has been brought to you by the letters A, I, B, and the number 8.


5 responses to “I am the Man!

  1. Cool blog.. 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. random_canadian_girl

    congrats on your gmat……its actually something i’m considering writing myself! maybe i could e-mail you for some tips?
    what’s your e-mail addy?

  4. haha nice name, I’m Canadian too! From Mississauga!

    Anyways, yeah I can try. Email me at msiddiqui @ gmail . com

  5. random_canadian_girl

    nice, i’m from mississauga as well. UTM grad!
    when i decide if i’m going to go for it, i will definetely e-mail you. thx for the e-mail addy!

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