Tired, Saddam, Death penalty, headache, ice cream.

I wish I had some ice cream right now.

I have a bit of a headache right now too.

I had this big long conversation about capital punishment and islam and saddam hussein with my cousin Rasheed. And then I continued the conversation sort of with Sarah. Then continued that conversation onto Sarahs’ latest blog post – Saddam Hussein — Capital Punishment. Check it out and leave a comment w/ your thoughts. I’m interested to see what others have to say. It was having this kind of conversation. A good thoughtful conversation that is. I need to have them more often.

I have so much I want to do and need to do and I’m so tired these days by the time I get home. I really need to start doing some more research and stuff though for grad schools. I went to this MBA fair thingy a few weeks ago. I went to a similiar one in Toronto last year. Anyhow, a recruiter from Arizona is going to be in NY in a couple weeks so he’s conducting interviews and asked if I wanted one. So I’m going to have to research them. I don’t know anything about the school or program yet. Hopefully its good hehe, but at the least it’ll be some practice.

My friend Chris just got into the MBET program at Waterloo. Congrats Chris!

I need to update my resume as well. sigh.

I chocolate chip muffin would be good right about now too. I made microwave popcorn today. It sucked. Its disgusting. I miss my air popper machine.

I still have a headache. I’m going to take some advil and hopefully go to bed soon. Later ppls.

Oh, added link to Zeeshan and Mama Jenn’s blogs on the side. oh and for some reason the shoutbox thing isn’t working for IE users, that sucks. But ppl should switch to firefox, this is just 1 more reason 😛 Feel free to try out the shoutbox thingy though to see if it works for you. I want to change this blog template a bit so I’ll fix that while I’m at it hopefully.


5 responses to “Tired, Saddam, Death penalty, headache, ice cream.

  1. lol. You’re thinking a lot about food arent u???

    For once I dont feel like eating.. I’m quite happy sipping my lemon iced tea.

    I feel a bit like u as well – feel so tired after uni.. but even though I’m tired, I push myself to do stuff – cos life’s too short to waste sleeping.. there’s too much going on! But then I can’t get up in the mornings..and.. okay. I’ll shutup now.

  2. u know, the day after saddams puniishment was announced, i asked my dad when the hanging was gonna be… my dad laughed and said ‘easy, give the guy a chance 2 appeal’ it made me laugh cos i never even thought about that… is there any point 2 him appealing??

  3. Hanna: hehe, i have been thinking of food. And in particular chocolate. I’ve been trying out somethings on my test blog for a new template. Variations of brown/chocolate. So far everyone has a different opinion though and its all confusing 😦

    And yeah, I need to stop procrastinating on stuff. OR at least prioritize stuff more and stick to the order.

    Cellardoor: Well if you were about to die, I think you’d appeal as much as possible. Whether they grant the appeal or not is another question. And I could see it being denied. Or maybe he’ll be too proud to try and appeal. Who knows.

  4. He will hang when the “MASTERS” dont require any need for him; till then the appeal process will continue..

  5. yeah….you’re probably right.

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