some changes.

Ok, so I made some changes. At first I was thinking green, but I’m liking browns lately. And chocolate was in my head 😛 I still have to fix a ton of things b/c I’m not happy with the footer, header (I want some images maybe for those). I’m still iffy on the styles/fonts of everything. Still have to fix that tag/shoutbox thingy too. And theres a couple of sections I think I want to add. But meh, I thought I might as well get a bit down and I can fix the rest whenever I feel like it.

I’m watching Sahara right now…..have to say….not that interested in it.

Theres more to say, but tomorrows going to be a busy day so I’m just going to stop here and head to bed. G’nite.


7 responses to “some changes.

  1. Have you tired using a lighter shade of Brown..

    You are right about the “Header”.. its too bland

  2. Yep, header is really blah right now.

    I’m still experimenting w/ the colours. A lighter shade for the background?

  3. Wow!! Nice blog template!! I like it 😀 REminds me of chocolate, yum

  4. i’m likin da new template..and da colors…u just gotta get da tag thingy kickin again..

  5. sarah: hehe thanks. I had that in mind a bit 🙂

    Rasheed: yeah man, I know i know. I’ll get that going soon enough.

  6. nice new look- could do with more colours though:)

  7. Yeah I know….I’ll figure out something sooner or later.

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