Aicha – Cheb Khaled

Its old, but it just came to mind today and I thought what they hey, I’ll put it up.

6 responses to “Aicha – Cheb Khaled

  1. hey thanks for ur comments…i gotta cum bk n read ur blog for sure :)))

  2. i’ve always loved this song. Outlandish did a pretty neat remix too.

  3. Yeah, I really like the Outlandish version as well. But I stumbled upon this version and I think less ppl have heard it so I thought I’d stick it up.

  4. Rai Music, Something that definitely requires a deep listening…

  5. Is this the song that you can find many videos of on youtube of white guys singing to it? lol

  6. Farsh: Whats Rai music?

    Sarah: Haha, yep! Well actually, usually its the remix version by Outlandish Saleeha mentioned by, yep. Those clips are pretty funny. 🙂

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