I can do anything.

I saw this in a friends post on facebook. Its for couples. I think its funny. Of course since I’m alone, I wouldn’t need the outer gloves, I’d just be holding my own hand in the middle glove. :S

I was going to make a post yesterday. I’m backlogged on blogging and putting up pictures. But my laptop is killing me. I got some spyware or adware or whatever and despite numerous efforts it still persists. And its really preventing me from doing a lot on my laptop. So this weekend, well this weekend I’m going to go down to CT to visit my friend Caitlin and my cousin Alia. But when I’m back sunday hopefully I can just backup everything important, reformat, and reinstall everything. Hopefully it goes well b/c man its a pain.

So my parents are going to Hajj. And they’ve been doing all this stuff like adding me to their bank accounts. Making their wills, adding me to the safety deposit boxes. Tell me about their insurance papers. To look after my sister, etc etc etc. Its weird. I listen b/c its important for me to know just in case but I really can’t imagine such things occuring. Its weird. But it does make me stop and think. Of how I would handle things. How so much would truly be on my shoulders. To be honest, I am confident I could handle it though. But inshallah, I won’t have to worry about such things for many decades yet to come.

Ok, so financial documents for mba schools, check.
Transcripts requested check.
Graduation confirmation letters requested, check.
Recommenders asked, check.
Applications filled in, easy parts, check.
Applications filled in harder parts…..um….in progress.
Essays…….ack! sigh….I need to step it up on this.

Earlier this week, Wednesday I think it was. I got out of the F-Train and out of the subway station on 23rd onto the street first! hehe, thats like being first out and into the parking lot of any Go-Train station 😛

Going back to the topic of expectations. I’ve for the most part always felt like I could do anything. If I work at it, have the dedication, put forth the effort I could do anything I wanted. Of course there are limitations now. Like, I don’t like hockey, never have (I know I’m canadian but still! hockey blah). But still as a child I always felt that if I really wanted to, I could practise, train, and I could do it. And heck I can’t even skate but I never felt I couldn’t do it if thats what I really wanted (though of course for certain things the time has passed now).

This is more of a long term confidence mind you. In the short term, I can be less optimistic. It fluctuates I guess…..I’m odd.

Anyhow, while there is this inner confidence. Outwardly, I still worry. I downplay things. I do enjoy encouragement. It does help. But sometimes ppl just have these expectations of me. And its like…..um….ok, inshallah. But its just blind faith that I can do it, and do it well. I worry about being embarrassed by failing but I never worry about being a failure. This is partly why I don’t like ppl knowing hard much or little I work or try. I know in the long run it will work out. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I just felt like writing it I suppose. I think I need to display that faith in myself more outwardly. Not worry about failing or being embarassed or anything b/c the ppl that believe in me have never waivered in that. During my highs or lows. And also whenever I truly feel confident anything, I usually do quite well.

I can do anything.


8 responses to “I can do anything.

  1. Aww cute gloves.. though I don’t think any normal guy would want to wear something like that!

  2. Yeah, I agree. I think it’d really be more of a gag gift.

  3. Oh dear, I know how that is. Whenever my mum is about to go on a big trip, she shows me where all the important documents are and tells me where the key for the deposit box is, etc etc. It freaks me out so badly. God forbid anything bad should happen within the next 30 years 😥 I just don’t know how I would handle things. I just can’t even bear to think about it!! Oh god!!

    Anyway Hope your parents have a safe trip there and back InshAllah!!

    That picture, I don’t understand what the thing in the middle is.

  4. hahhaa.. those gloves are cool! Almost enough to make me wanna get hitched!

  5. gloves are sooo cute!!!
    u sound real busy… n thats so typical of parents… mine were exacly the same when they went 3 years back…

  6. Sarah: Inshallah. The gloves are for a couple. Each person gets an outer glove and then they hold hands in the centre one.

    Hanna: haha, you’re funny.

    Cellardoor: yeah its been busy, but not too stresful (yet) so its good. and yep, i think its common to all parents

  7. ‘..thats y i dnt like ppl knowin how hard or how little i try’ i immediately empathisd with those words.i dnt worry bout bein a failure to othrs,i worry bout failin myself. Alhamdulillah,iv achievd almst evrythin i wantd to. G’luck with ur plans n may ur parents hav a safe return.eid mubarak

  8. Thanks bibi-aisha, 🙂 Congratulations on acheiving many of your goals so far and InshaAllah you continue to find success in all that you do. 🙂

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