Almost time to go home!

Less than 1 hr to go for work! And then, AND THEN! I’m free. Sort of. I have Thursday off and I’m driving home to Mississauga! Yay! Friday I’m working from home which shouldn’t be too bad. The weekend is naturally off. And Monday I drive back to NYC. Its a short break for sure. But it’ll be nice to see my friends. And it’ll really be nice to just have a bit of a break from work. =)


3 responses to “Almost time to go home!

  1. Ohhh okay so you live in NYC. That answers questions 🙂

  2. hey bud
    hope u had a relaxin break, and a gr8 eid and new years 2!!! 😉

  3. liya: Yep, moved nyc for work after university.

    cellardoor: Thanks, it was good but much too short. Didn’t really feel like Eid actually 😦 but new years was fun.

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