The King of last excercising way too long ago…

I need to start working out again! Its so sad. I’ve become one of those people that pays for a gym membership that they never use….In my defense I have been quite busy….but still….its not good. I have 2 applications due Feb 1st. After that I still have 3 more but I’ve decided I’m going to make myself workout again at that time anyways. Someway, I will make myself. I think I’ll buy 1 of those excercise balls to do abs with as well. And I was thinking of getting a scale that tells you your body fat % but I’ve been reading a ton of reviews and none seem that great… they’re pricey. So thats a no go. But still, I’m determined. I will get back in shape. I don’t need a 6 pack. But I want to make sure I stay flat (or get back to that) and not become round. I think the mission will be to lose roughly 10lbls or just be in better shape (I dno’t mind gaining weight if its muscle). I’ll try to eat better for now, but 2 weeks roughly, then it really begins.

I saw The Last King of Scotland. Its really good. A bit gruesome at some points but its definitely good. Forrest Whittaker was great in it. I also saw Sleepless in Seattle (meh), The Cider House Rules (Good), and The Fifth Element (not bad).

Oh, and these were all on in the background either while I was working or eating. So it wasnt like I was totally wasting time instead of excercising.


4 responses to “The King of last excercising way too long ago…

  1. Those exercise balls are awesome, great resistance and they can be sued for so much. Get a medicine ball too and you’re golden!

  2. You and me both, Im not over weight but I wish I could build some muscle. It would be nice to beat some one at a game of basket ball once in a while. Dont let your membership go to waste brother!

  3. The Last King of Scotland was horribly gruesome but it was pretty informative. I like movies like that because you actually learn something important about history (and today).

    I have one of those big blue balls (for pilates or something I think? who knows), I use it to rest my feet on when I watch TV 😀

  4. ruby: Good to know, but I’ll start with the excercise ball only for now. I’ve never used a medicine ball…maybe I’ll try that out at the gym. I figure weights and stuff I’ll do at the gym, just cardio and abs and stuff I can do at home while watching tv or whatnot.

    almira: hehe, I haven’t played basketball in ages! or squash…I miss playing squash…that use to be my main cardio.

    Yeah it was informative…scary, but informative. And Whittaker was awesome. hehe, if I were home I could imagine using the ball like that too. but here my tv is in my room and i just lay in bed and watch. 😛

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