The Facebook Skit

A funny video my friend forwarded to me.

So…anyone on facebook? Want to be my friend? 😛


3 responses to “The Facebook Skit

  1. I’m a FB addict! I’ll add you…but I don’t know your email or anything…hmmm…

  2. Hey Ruby, well do a search on my name, Mohammed Siddiqui. And then my display pic is the same as my blog display pic.

  3. lol that was hilarious. PennMasala!!! In high school, which was a looooong time ago, I got their cd!! I can’t believe they still exist! wow! Anyway that video was hilarious. It took me a while to figure out which song’s melody it was. Finally when it got to “I can be your facebook stalker…” then I realised whose song it was!

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