I’m tired


man……morning already?!? where is the time going….I just want to sleep…..


8 responses to “I’m tired

  1. five…zzzz…more…minutes…zzzzz…

  2. 5? I want like 20-30more 😛

  3. Mornings suck :S

  4. I know the feeling. I am yawning right now. *yawn* for real!!! and dobby NEVER lets me sleep in 😦 at least you get to sleep in on weekends, right? I don’t!!

  5. I know how you feel man, each day I wake up and my body still once to go back in my warm bed. I look forward to early retirement!

  6. liya: yup! I’m so much more of a night person.

    sarah: well I have this huge window that lets in so much light that I have trouble sleeping in… 😦

    almira: Early retirement is a big goal of mine….I need to hurry up make more money…

  7. argh im soo not a morning person!

  8. me either….trouble with being a night person is…i stay up later than i should. which makes it even harder in the mornings.

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