a little bit of bleh

Today is Friday. And I am glad. Its been a long week. In more ways than one. I haven’t been sleeping much lately. Both because I’ve been busy and because I just haven’t been able to.

I feel cold right now.

I had some very good chats with some people yesterday, it was very nice. I also didn’t have some good chats with people…which is too bad.

UCLA application is finally done and overwith thankfully. I’ll have to start on Michigan this weekened and maybe Western next weekend and then I’ll be done and truly free…I can hardly wait…..inshaAllah I get in somewhere….

Sometimes confidence leaves and confusion clouds….sometimes I can look and see the sky and just start to smile.

I want to sleep this weekend. I don’t feel like doing much else. I got 3 movies from netflix so I’ll be watching those 😛

You know what, sometimes I tire of peoples immaturity. Stop acting like you’re 13 people. Not everything I say has to relate to you or me. And I can just imagine that some people might still take this post literally if they so happen to read it. Buts its in general. Can I not discuss things without it being taken so personally.

I feel like this post is downer….I dont like that…maybe it seems like that b/c I’m actually feeling a bit down at the moment…..but give me an hr…..heck let me hear a joke or a song i like and i’m sure my mood will change soon enough 😛

snap crackle pop

i don’t know it just came to mind
i’m weird like that.

I’m also annoyed with people not knowing at what volume to speak…indoor voices people….


4 responses to “a little bit of bleh

  1. I know what you mean about people acting immature – and I don’t mean my students – 20+ year old :S

    What program are you applying for? Good luck, and feel better! Sorry I don’t know any jokes .. oh wait, this was used on my today:

    Student: Ms. C——-, what’s nice and smart and doesn’t like to give homework?

    Me: Um, me?

    Student: Yes!

    Me: Haha, yeah right, okay guys, time for me to assign homework, take out your agendas, I want you all to have fun weekends 😀

  2. Yeah, some ppl are just so dumb sometimes.

    I’m applying to MBA prgrams, UoT, Western, USC,UCLA, Michigan, and Texas.

    haha, not bad. and thanks for trying 🙂 I’m fine now.

  3. listen to some music!

  4. Yeah…I might do that…it helps sometimes.

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