another big blah

Sometimes life sucks. I want to go back to being 5 or 8. Lets go with 5 I think that was fun. From the eye of the hurricane, you still all the danger and damage around you. And you can try to help from within. But mostly all you can do is watch and listen. Sadly, the eye is not safe and soon you too are in trouble.

And I don’t feel like typing more.


8 responses to “another big blah

  1. you sound down~ take it easy…

  2. I don’t even remember being 5… now I feel old 😦

    Did everything turn out okay?

  3. Salaams,No worries, this blah period shall pass, inshallah! 🙂


  4. Sometimes I wish I was younger, hope everything is going better with you Ahmed.

  5. bilal: Yeah…I was/am…but I’m getting back up.

    liya: Compared to me you are young! And everything will be better than ok eventally, inshaallah.

    hs: Thanks, Inshaallah.

    almira: Thanks, I was down, but I’m getting back up.

  6. i wish i was 5. or 8. 😦

  7. wow. everyone above seems to actually know one another in real life :/

    Don’t ask how I came across your blog, but I did find that your writing is an interesting mirror of this dunya. Maybe you didn’t put much thought into it, or maybe you stared at a blinking “i-beam” waiting for text until you found the right words…or maybe you just needed to express a moment. Regardless, I hope writing serves you as well as you seem to serve it.


  8. sofi: yeah, those were good years…

    samira: Salaam, I wish that were true, there seem to be a lot of cool bloggers out there. And thank you so much for the compliment! It made me smile and happy and those are best comments (gifts).

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