2 more weeks

So as may have been gathered from my previous post, I was feeling quite down. And while I’m not 100% up, I’m heading in that direction and thats good.

On the plus side, I am finally done my applications! Yes, to know freedom again feels great! Well technically, I still have my last application to do, Western Ontario. But Western is lower on my list (no offense to anyone who went there). Its a 1 year program, and I feel like I want to do a 2 year program. There are definitely some disadvantages of 2yrs. 1 it takes twice as long πŸ˜› and it’ll cost more. But, I think I’ll get more out of 2years. Learn more. And I’ll be able to do a summer internship and inshaallah an exchange term. I want to go somewhere. hehe, I’ll have to move somewhere for school too, but still I want more. Maybe London or HK or something. That would be cool. Just for a term.

For some reason, I’m feeling confident about getting into Toronto. I shouldn’t. I really have no idea what will happen. I want to just get in anywhere hopefully….well. I hope I get in anywhere. Would I be happy if I just got in at 1 place, no I’d be disappointed. But meh, hope for the best. Take what life gives you. So yeah, I’m starting to feel confident about Toronto, despite nothing having changed to make me feel that way. I’ll find out about Toronto in like 2 weeks. 2 Weeks! InshaAllah.

So with my new found free time, I figure I want to do something. What is it I want to do? I’m not sure. For sure I’ll make myself go to the gym more. But what else? I thought about this before and never did anything but hopefully I will now. So what to do? I thought about fencing, or cooking, dance (hiphop or tap), or an instrument, or some art thing, but I haven’t quite decided. Money is still a factor since I need to save for school.

Speaking of money. I find when I’m not in a good mood I tend to spend more. I’m lazy and I’ll buy food. And I want to cheer myself so I buy nice food and chocolate of course. hehe, nothing wrong with that. I probably don’t eat enough regularly anyways. I only had 1 meal today actually. But then, I spend money on other stuff too. Not too big on cloth shopping…though thats fun once in awhile. I like toys πŸ˜› . I want a new tv. A nice big flat screen tv. BUT yeah….that would not be good. But I did buy a nba2k7 for my xbox360 =) ….and after playing it…I want a bigger tv even more! haha….one day.

I found a lot of ppl on facebook lately. Stewart, Masashi, Dina, Jane, Victor, etc. Someone posted an old grade 4 class picture. I’m such a geek in it. What I find cool though is, I can remember so many people in it! And talking to many of them, albeit short exchangs, is quite nice. Some of them remembered EVERY single person in the pic. Thats very impressive. I think I got about 60% of them which I thought was fairly good.

Anyhow, I have some pictures I want to put up. Actually lots of pictures. Food, visiting alia, silly things, and amazing things, oh and various things. So wow, 5 picture posts coming up. I’ll decide which one first later unless someone actually requests something in particular. laters.


7 responses to “2 more weeks

  1. Good to hear you’re feeling a better! It’s never fun feeling blah.

    The next two weeks will either fly by, or creep along slowly while you wait. Let’s hope it flies by!

  2. I think it’s a good idea to go for the two year program because like you say, you’ll be much more prepared. I did a 3 year program instead of 1 year one for teaching and I can see a big difference in my own feelings of readiness than in some of my friends who only studied for 1 year. It might also look better when you’re looking for a job because your employer might see you as more dedicated.

    As for your free time, how about painting? Not only will it help you de-stress, but you’ll have fun (if painting abstract) and can create some unique pieces for your new residence at the same time! Or you can always convince your family/friends to buy your work and therefore make money at the same time πŸ™‚

  3. Good luck with the hobby search! I pick fencing.

  4. free time? spending money?
    Travel dude, travel!

  5. Abigail s: No its not, and thanks!

    So far its…..creeping slowly…. :S

    liya: Good points! I definitely do think I’d be more prepared. I really don’t want to exit the program thinking…um…I don’t know anything.

    Painting would be fun…I’d like to be artistic….my sister took most of that talent….but right now I need something more active.

    Ruby: Thanks, I’m looking….but its not cheap….

    Bilal: Oh man, I would so do that! But I can’t. 😦 I meant I have spare time after work and on weekends.

  6. I also spend more money when I am down, one of the reasons I am sure I will end up broke as hell because I am feeling down a lot lol… I call it “retail therapy!” It lifts my spirits temporarilyyy, not for long of course. *sigh* like I just did that yesterday, eek. I shouldn’t have, but I was feeling down…

  7. hehe, retail therapy πŸ™‚
    I hope you’re feeling better now

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