Be grateful and do not be ungrateful

Sometimes I, like everyone else, feel the need to complain. I have my days where I am a rockstar, I feel brilliant and look at my reflection and see an incredibly handsom me man. And of couse there are the days where I should have stayed in bed. I feel like I make 1 stupid mistake after another and that I look like an ugly slob….hmm…where am I going with this…..I don’t really like to edit these much…..just type away….so I ramble at times.

Ok, so I have my worries. And my problems. I was having coffee with a friend last week and we touched on the subject and I thought to myself you know, I’m not perfect. But I definitely like who I am and I don’t feel like I have any issues or that I’m on bad terms with anyone. Which is great. πŸ™‚

So while I have worries and problems (I’ll touch on that later as I like to talk about them even if they aren’t important) you need to keep perspective on what really matters. And truly I have been blessed with so much.

I talk to others or see things (tv, movies, news, in person, etc) and there are real problems. People that are dealing with disease, and murder, rape, abuse, true financial difficulties, depression, and so many real issues. That really matter.

Basically, there was a good speech by an Imam awhile back that I heard and I like to keep it mind, which I do. But once in awhile you really have to think about it. About what really matters in life.

Be Grateful AND do not be Ungrateful.

Ok, so on to my petty problems now. Well actually its more of an annoyance and worry. 2 DAYS!!! Well thats when I’m suppose to hear from Toronto. USC and Texas I think I’ll hear by the end of the month but they don’t say percisely when. And then UCLA and Michigan I won’t hear til nearly the end of May!!! So far…..argh. What if I get into Toronto and I need to respond before I hear from the others? Right now I think the others are higher on my list. I could put a deposit…….but I hear that could be 2-5k? Thats not chump change……. :S

And what if I don’t get in at all?

Interviews are not required. My friend got requested an interview by Toronto. What does that mean? Well…..basically they aren’t in for sure, but they haven’t been rejected. So basically…..not that much. I’ve heard nothing. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing…….waiting sucks.

Ok, there was something else…but I just went for lunch and now I cant remember…goes to show how important that must have been.

On an entirely other note, did anyone see the last episode of Little Mosque on the Prarie? Ep 8 that is. Its on youtube if you care to search. I thought it was hilarious! Babar is too funny

A scene from little mosque on the prarie.
Theres a strict muslim single father babar, with a young teenage daughter we shall call L

Scene: L is studying at home with a boy
Babar comes home
Babar: Salaam!
L turns to boy: packup!
L: Salaam dad, you’re home early
Babar: Is that a boy? Astagfurallah, alone with a boy!
L: Well if I’m with a boy then technically I’m not alone….
Babar: Boy (with the paki not black accent), go home. And never speak to my daughter again (in the whiny oh god voice)
L: Dad, he’s my study partner, we’re studying biology
Babar: Not until you’re married


7 responses to “Be grateful and do not be ungrateful

  1. When the show first started I thought Barbar was annoying. After the Halloween episode he became my favourite character and now I love him! He’s just too funny and people like him really exist! πŸ˜€

    Don’t worry, you’ll get in at your choice. I guess this is the waiting time for everyone. My high school sister is anxiously awaiting news at this time too.

  2. “Not until you’re married” was my parents favorite line too for years on end….and we just laughed whenever they said it and then did as we pleased anyway.

    Inshallah you will get in to school wherever you want!

  3. I think we all get caught up in our own little world so much so that even the smallest of problems consumes us. Then, if we’re lucky, we can take a step back and realize the actual gravity of the situation and possibly learn to relax.

    I can completely relate to how annoying it is to wait for replies from schools! It’s excrutiating and there’s no way out of it until you actually hear a response. Until which time it just feels like you’re holding your breath, turning blue in the face…I’m not helping the situation am I? lol, sorry! But insha’Allah everything will work out for the best for you. Important thing is to keep faith πŸ™‚

  4. hello, haha barbar is swesome. i think his accent is too “thik” but hey!

    and amar and rayyan…do u see the chemistry….do you, do you?!

  5. liya: I agree, Babar is the best! Inshaallah. And Inshaallah your sister gets into her first choice as well.

    ruby: hehe. Thanks, Inshaallah.

    aka: Definitely, its so easy to get caught up too. But yeah its important to see what it really means in the larger scheme of things.

    haha, yes. I’m totally impatient and waiting. Every new email notfication its like….oh oh oh…..ooooh its only friend/relative/spam. Inshaallah πŸ™‚

    sofi: haha agreed, but it adds to the humour. And haha yes, definite chemistry…wonder how long before they really touch on that…season finale or season 2 maybe…

  6. lol lol … that’s hilarious.
    my parents say the same thing…

  7. fatima: πŸ™‚ hehe

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