Les Miserables

For those that have been following, 2 days have past since my last post. I should have some information. I do not!!!!! Argh!!!!!!! Apparently, due to a technicality I was 1 day late for the early decision deadline and as such I have to wait. And not only that but they (I’m talking about University of Toronto btw) have not received my transcripts! I sent that back in December….grrr….They said they sent me an email, but trust me I would have noticed. I look in my junk mail folder too! sigh…..So I told them to double check and in the meantime I contacted Waterloo (my undergrad university) and told them to courier over another copy of my transcripts. Now Toronto said they’ll try to expediate the processing but also that it takes 4-6 weeks usually to process an application. Ok so does that mean from when I sent my stuff in (like a month ago) or 4-6 more weeks from when they get my transcripts? Man….this processing is killing me…….its like co-op ranking days x1000 (ok, only waterloo ppl will understand…..oh well). Its nerve racking nevertheless!

On the plus side, Austin-Texas contacted me telling me to arrange an interview either on or off campus. I think thats a good sign. They gave me a list of alumni in New York. I contacted 1 guy…..so far no response….I’m suppose to give 3 business days for a response before trying someone else…..but I have 2 weeks to book the interview (interview itself can be later)….so far no response….I have to wait til monday to try someone else…..man….please just let all this stuff work out. Inshaallah.

Another plus, I’m going to go see Les Mis in April. I have some friends visiting and we bought our tickets for the show today! I’ve heard great things about it so I’m excited! And I think I’m going to go see another show next weekend with some friends too. And tonight I’m going to go catch The Namesake. I hope its as good as the trailers make it seem.

Um……..what else…….I don’t feel like blogging more…..I feel like cake…….anyone have some cake? Want to share?……..fine.

Oh yes, whats with this weather? It was so nice for a few days and now? Now we’re back to snow and slush? blah….


4 responses to “Les Miserables

  1. Blogs are the perfect place to vent your application-frustration! Only few know the panic you get when a school you’ve applied to says they don’t have some vital document WAYYY after you’ve sent it. Blood runs cold, eyes are transfixed, breathing gets difficult…

    Cake would be a perfect fix. It so happens that I have just made a chocolate cake AND banana pudding squares. I would love to share, but having no means to do so, I’ll send you a virtual piece:


    Yummy? šŸ˜€

  2. About your pluses, Le Mis should be incredible! I would LOVE to see that!

    I saw The Namesake yesterday and didn’t think it lived up to the book, but it was interesting. The mom was quite pretty. Did you get to see it?

  3. Hope this dude gets back to you ASAP! And hope you had some fabulous cake!

  4. aka: Yes, you’ve described my panic very aptly! The panic, the worry, the dread….sigh….

    Very Yummy! Thank you! šŸ™‚ Chocolate is the best. And Banana is actually my favourite fruit too…though occasionally, I cheat on it with watermelon.

    liya: Yes, I’ve heard great things so I’m excited šŸ™‚

    No, my friday plans got cancelled….but I now have plans to see it tonight! I’ll let you know what I think.

    ruby: No he didn’t get back to me! I emailed another person now. I actually did eat cake (not counting the virtual cake from aka). But I did have many cookies and some apple pie šŸ™‚

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