Random Tuesday Blogging

I think I’ll start a diet soon. Sort of. I’ll eat whatever junk I have at home right now. But after that, no more bad stuff for 1 month. Unless its free or I go out with friends somewhere and everyone is having dessert. I did manage to make myself go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday so that was good. For cardio I did some jump rope! Its been ages since I did that. It was fun! Though I got winded very quickly. Why is it so much easier to do weights than cardio? Cardio just takes so much more work. But anyhow, jump rope was fun, I’m still able to do the double jump and forward cross (where you cross your arms and hence the rope while you jump and then uncross your arms later). Haven’t pulled off the backwards version of the alternating of feet yet….but in due time.

I actually did a lot this weekend. Aside from the gym, I did the grocery shopping, regular household item shopping, got a haircut, did some cleaning, and I cooked. A ton! Like 4 lbls of keema (ground beef) and pasta for the week. I actually have cooked in ages but it turned out well and its so much easier to cook for a few days than everyday….theres really just no time to cook everyday.

I also finished The Penelopaid by Margaret Atwood. I picked it up b/c it was Atwood and the story (the story of Penelope while her husband Odessey…sp?….was away sounded interesting). But I actually found it quite meh. I think I’ll start the namesake now. I just watched the movie last night. I liked it! A bit slow at times….seemingly not really having a focus or direction…but overall I enjoyed it.

I’m still waiting to hear for the 2nd Texas alumni I contacted….nothing so far…sigh….I wonder if I’ll be forced to go to Texas for the interview….that could be fun…I have a friend in Austin….but it would still be a hassle…and not cheap….

TMNT comes out this Friday! I’m not sure how good it will be…..but its the Ninja Turtles! I have to go see it. I think my favourite turtle is now Raphael. When I was younger it alternated between Leonardo and Michaelangelo.

My friends are doing the CN Tower Stair Climb again this year and have told me I should do it too. I’ve done it before. Twice. Its fun and for a good cause. Though each time I do it I’m like oh man, I’m never doing this again. And yet here I am, tempted to subject myself to the pain again. I don’t know if I want to pay for the trip home in order to to climb stairs though…we’ll see.


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