Food! 2 years and going strong.

Just as I open this up and am about to start typing….I recognize the irony of what this post will be compared to how my last post opened. haha, oh well.

Roughly 2 years ago I started eating only halal food. It was about graduation time. I was studying for finals with a friend and we were talking about life after school. I mentioned how one thing I want to work on is learning more about Islam, being a better muslim, eating halal food, etc. And of course he gives me the simpliest of questions. What are you waiting for? And so I was like you’re right. And then we went to lunch and from that lunch forward, I have only been eating halal food. Its been hard sometimes. I miss pho and korean bbq and some other things. But really, overall I’ve been lucky to find a good deal of places I can eat. And its not that hard overall. Anyways, here some pictures of food that I love. It may perhaps be a bit heavy on the chocolate and dessert side…hehe. For those of you on my facebook, there are more pics in an album I put up a couple days ago.

Bruschetta – Florence, Italy

Chicken Chow Mein – Chennai, India

Steak & Fries – Paris, France

Nachos – Weavers maybe….Waterloo, Canada

Yay, chcolate cake

Fresh Bread, Croissants – Paris, France

BBQ – Scarborough, Canada

Pineapple rice – KittiChai Restaurant, NYC

I forget, but the sauce was good. KittiChai again.

Um….don’t recall, but it looks nice.

Salmon Steak.


Panang Curry with Shrimp, are you hungry yet?

Some strangers on a train in India shared their food with me. πŸ™‚

ok, I’m starting to get hungry myself.

Cookies! I made this one.


Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity

Chocolate Sundae

We finished it all!

Chocolate from Brussels

Chocolate shells

So many choices…where to start…

I miss Brussels

Ok, screw the diet, I’m taking some.


9 responses to “Food! 2 years and going strong.

  1. Good for you for making the change! If you look carefully you’ll find a lot of great halal places to eat.

    How does cold hot chocolate work? I’ve never heard of it but I’m interested in trying some πŸ™‚

  2. yes, great that you started eating halal food – although i am surprised you didnt before..for some strange reason []

    btw, is little mosque episode 9 out? why the delay?

  3. Damn, thats making me hungry… Halaal food hard to find in brooklyn?



  4. Awww man…I’m about to go out to dinner in a little while, and I haven’t eaten all day. While waiting for a friend I thought I’d catch up on my blog reading and here’s every bit of food I could imagine myself pigging out on now…

    Maybe I can skip the main course and just order dessert?

  5. liya: Thanks, actually its not hard finding halal food at all. Particularly where I live. Just certain things like korean bbq, pho, chicken parmagian, etc. Those I can’t find.

    Frozen hot chocolate, is where you take at least 1 (usually multiple) kind(s) of chocolate, melt it together, then chill it and serve it.

    sofi: well I suppose technically I was always halal…but now its zabiya (sp?) πŸ˜› I’m not sure why the delay is…a lot of shows went on break to avoid fighting for ratings with ncaa basketball…so hopefully it’ll be back soon.

    muhammed: no, its incredibly easy to find. I have a wide variety of indian and arab restaurants. Its only when you start craving other things that it becomes difficult.

    aka: hehe, desserts always. it can be an appetizer!

  6. Nicely done on the halal! Good stuff!

    Egads! I’m suddenly STARVING!

  7. God those desserts look SOOOOOO good. I want some so badly 😦 I take pictures of my food when I travel abroad!! Food is very importante!!!

  8. ruby: hehe, go eat!

    sarah: I agree, food is very important! and food pictures are great! I don’t know why its not more common πŸ™‚

  9. U took all these pics?! i just brushd my teeth,which always makes me hungry.lyin in bed,and nw im tinkin of yum food n i shud not hav seen this post nw-k,im off to raid the fridge

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