Interviews and Tag

So I had the Austin-Texas (McCombs) interview this past Monday…….it went really well! It was much longer than I expected, 1230pm – 210pm. But it was quite casual, the alumni interviewing me was very nice and gave me a really good impression of the school and the city. I was ready for all his questions and he liked my answers and said he would give me a favourable review. He did however temper it by saying that the interview is still only one aspect of the application and that everything will be reviewed once more before they give you a decision. While most ppl he has approved have been admitted there have been times when they have not, and there have been times when he’s given bad reviews and they’ve still got in…..which seems odd to me…..but oh well. I feel good about it right now.

Also, Toronto (Rotman) emailed me to setup a time for a phone interview! The guy said its only a 30min interview though. And from reading about it online its very casual and it makes me feel like its only a formality…as long as I don’t screw it up. So yay!

So ABCDlaw tagged me, from no tags ever to 2 in a week! Kinda cool. Anyhow, she has given me the task of listing 5 of my favourite things and why…..hmm…….

1. The first thing that immediately jumps to my mind is…CHOCOLATE! Milk, cake, ice cream, cup cakes, truffles, bars, whatever, chocolate is wonderful!

2. Stories. Whether its a book, a movie, a tv show, a story someone tells me, a broadway show, whatever it is, I really enjoy a good story. The feeling of a good book where the entire world around you disappears and you are full immersed in a story…I just love it.

3. Travelling! There are so many amazing places in this world. Things that just make you stop and stare and go WOW. And going new places, seeing new things, and even the trip itself…its a fun adventure that ends up giving you so many little stories…most of which you forget but the trips are just incredible experiences.

4. Ok, so bowling, pool, movies, trips, vacations, shopping, etc all that stuff is a lot of fun…but I really like just simply hanging out with people and talking too. A lot of times, the simple sitting around with family or friends talking and playing cards or boardgames are the nights where you have the most laughs and the most fun.

5. Hmm…..what else…I like competing. And of course winning. I dont’ mind losing as long as I did well. If I won but didn’t do as well as I know I can I’m disappointed. That said, there are some ppl I will not lose to if I can avoid it. I won’t lose to my sister or my cousins, Anojan at video games, Darrin at Pool, Jessani at anything, Ben at squash, and I could go on.

6. I guess thats another thing (or 2). I’m a big Toronto Raptors fan! Lets go Raptors, Lets Go! Woo! Woo! (I only woo woo online I don’t know why I don’t in person…its just not me). And I really like playing squash. Hopefully, inshaallah I’ll get into school and be able to start playing again.

k, thats good enough. Lots of people have been tagged lately….I dont’ want ppl to be sick of it….but if you haven’t been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged! And list 5 of your favourite things and why. πŸ™‚


11 responses to “Interviews and Tag

  1. Those are basically all of my favourite things too!!! I would put traveling at the very top though, even though I haven’t gone anywhere in so long!!! *cry*

    Good luck on your next interview! InshAllah it’ll go well! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello brother I see that things have been going very well for you. You have been tagge3d no one had ever tagged me lol. I hope you got the job! Chocolate is the best, even though I never seem to have any in my house πŸ™‚ Salaam

  3. ahmed… noce tag! i think u were tagged for 5 weird things about u though! πŸ˜€

    still, weird = favourite = a tag by any other description is a tag!

  4. Hope the interview goes (went? is it done?) well!

  5. Good luck for the interviews!

    I would have to agree completely with your 5 favourite things! Especially with the Raptors…I’m so proud. And Bargnani comes back for next game! YAY!!! I love the playoffs more than the regular season (well, so does everyone) but that’s where I can’t miss games and cannot be disturbed. Can’t wait!

  6. Sarah: Thanks! InshaAllah. And you just went to chicago! my list wasn’t really in any order….it would be hard to choose, its just whatever came to mind first.

    Almira: Wsalaam, oh I’ll tag you soon! πŸ™‚ And yep chocolate is the best, you should stock up more hehe.

    Isheeta: I was first tagged for 5 things you didn’t know about me. I did that….1-2 posts ago. Then I got tagged with this question.

    Ruby: Thanks! Its this coming Monday on the 16th πŸ™‚

    AKA: Thanks πŸ™‚ Yes, finally another blogging Raptors fan! I can’t wait for the playoffs either!!! I want homecourt and I really think we’ll make it to the 2nd round…maybe more! Sigh…..its just difficult to even catch raptor games in NY though…I reply on my friends to send me internet streams.

  7. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.

    will catch up soon with your blog.

    btw, I have new pyjamas and I love them:)

  8. Ooo Good luck with all the interviews! Austin is a great city-HUGE college town/party school but pretty decent desi scene too. If you’re coming from the East, you’ll definitely be surprised by how open and friendly Texans are πŸ™‚
    Haha choclate belongs on ALL #1 lists.

  9. Dew: You have a cool blog, its fun to read. And cool, I look forward to any comments. New comfortable PJs are great!

    ABCDLaw: Thanks πŸ™‚ I haven’t got in anywhere and I’m so confused as to where I want to go :S I’m trying not to think of it yet…but you seem to know about a few places so I’ll bug/ask you about them if InshaAllah I get in. And yes, Chocolate is great…I’ve been eating easter chocolate all morning hehe…

  10. heehee I do know a lot about of schools in the southwest and west coast πŸ™‚ I’m telling you, I’m a west coaster for life, so ask away. BTW UT is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, according to my dad. Can you guess what his alma mater is.LOL

  11. hehe, awesome! and thanks! but I’ll save my questions till I actually get in….inshaallah…….cause otherwise I will go insane thinking about it too much… :S

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