Amazing Race NYC!!!!!!!!

Last week on Saturday I decided to go to the gym and try a cycling class. It wasn’t bad at all! I think I did alright. The only parts that really killed me were when you have to stand up and pedel. My legs were sore for a good 2-3 days afterwards though. Stairs became quite the challenge. But I think I’ll try it again this saturday. I’m going to be committed to getting back in shape….at least in terms of excercising….at least 3 times a week. Diet…..thats another story.

Currently, I’m trying to go by the rule that I’m only allowed junk if its free or if I go out for dessert with people. I’ve been good with it….but my boss brought in easter chocolates and I’m like the only major chocolate eater at work so I finished pretty much all of it singlehandly. And Jane has been visiting from Toronto. And she likes chocolate too so we’ve been goign to dessert places. And it was her bday this week too. And we’re all (her, me, Anojan, her bf, some other friends) are all going out to dinner, a comedy club, and more dessert tomorrow! So yeah……oh well. Recent articles say dieting is bad for you anyways.

So Jane is leaving on Saturday. But on Wednesday Darrin is coming down. And on the weekend his bf Jenn and her sister Caitlin are coming. And Aamir is coming down for 3 weeks on business as well around the same time. So…..more eating and more dessert! hehe

But thats not the best part! We were all talking about things to do and we thought hey, lets rent bikes and go biking in central park and maybe the city a bit. And then from that…we came up with the idea of having…….Amazing Race (scavenger hunt style) NYC!!!!!!!

Anojan is busy that day so he’ll design the race for us. It’ll be 6-8 tasks and we’ll work in teams of 2 with a set budget. Tasks could be things like go to Serendipity and eat a chocolate sundae, go to the Park to rent a bike and go to Columbia and back, go take a picture with the NY Stock Exchange Bull statue, go to the state library and find X book, etc. Man, I’m so excited! And the trash talking has already begun! The sisters have decided they want to take on Darrin and I. Ooooh they are sooo going to lose. And several of my other friends in the city have also expressed interest. So we’re up to about 8 or so people….roughly 4 teams so far and more people expressing interest each day! =) The race is set for the 21st. InshaAllah the weather will be good. hehe, I can’t wait!


9 responses to “Amazing Race NYC!!!!!!!!

  1. “his bf Jenn…”?? Always knew you’re evil! >=[

    On a side note, Yay Amazing Race NYC!!!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! Man, I’m jealous!

  3. sounds awesome hey!

  4. That sounds like fun!!!

  5. Oh man. Im so jealous:) Goodluck and have fun:)

  6. Jenn: ooops, sorry. But I’m not evil! Just a simple mistake.

    And you and Caitlin are sooo going down!

    Abigail: Yeah, I think it will be fun!

    Bilal: Thanks, I hope it turns out well 🙂

    liya: Yes, I can’t wait!

    Dew: Hehe, thanks 🙂

  7. It’s always the case that as soon as you decide to go on a diet, everyone else around you seems to be against you! I’ve been trying to eat healthier too, but ever since people have found out I’m leaving, I’m getting requests for lunches and dinners (even breakfast) that all involve desserts (albeit delicious) and other calorie-laden foods. Though it’s not bad to be so popular 😛

    The event sounds amazing and tons of fun. InshAllah the weather will cooperate so you guys can make the most out of your day!

  8. Ready for Saturday? It sounds really fun!

  9. AKA: Its not bad at all to be popular! And its good for the diet, but going out for food with people is fun. 🙂 Thanks, yes, inshaallah the weather co-operates.

    Ruby: I’m so ready! I really think it will be a lot fun. And rather funny too hehe.

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