Funny times

I had my Toronto interview. It was ok. Only ok. I’m getting worried. Quite worried. I’m trying not to think about it too much. Another year of working wouldn’t be the end of the world. But InshaAllah everything works out.

Let do something more fun instead of thinking about that. Here are some conversations/events that took place sorta something maybe like this. hehe.

1) Ahmed on msn during lunch at work#1.
Ahmed while thinking to himself about what he needs to get done today changes his msn display name to, “Tonights Plan: The Laundry Room”. Shortly after, his mom messages him.
Mom: Do you need to tell the whole world you’re doing laundry?
Ahmed: meh, what does it matter?
Mom: No, its good. It tells the world you are still single.
Ahmed: …….I have to go now.

2) Ahmed on msn during lunch at work#2.
Ahmed opening up the dark lindt chocolate bar he just bought from the store. Takes a bite and thinks not bad but wishes it were a bit darker. He changes his msn name to “70 just doesn’t cut it”. Later in the day his mom messages.
Mom: Did you get a raise? Why so small? You should ask for more.
Ahmed: Huh? No…oh my name….I was just talking about chocolate.
Mom: You and you’re chocolate. Hurry up and make more money, I want to retire, I’m getting old.

3) Ahmed talking to Jane on msn.
Jane: Hey, Ahmed I’m going down in April! We shoot meet up, can we all go to Serendipity again?
Ahmed: Sure, though I know better chocolate places.
J: oh cool, we should go. Do you want me to bring you or Anojan anything from Canada? Chocolate?
A: haha, nah, thats ok thanks.
J: hmmm….I’ll bring you oranges! You never eat fruit!
A: haha, thats ok. Theres a fruit section in my grocery store….I haven’t really explored it…….but I think they have oranges.

4) Ahmed talking to his sister on msn.
Ahmed is quietly doing some work at home (in Brooklyn, New York) when his sister messsages him (from Mississauga, Canada)
Umber: BHAIYA!
Ahmed: yep?
Umber: I’m coughing, sneezing, I’m tired, my stomach hurts, I have a headache and I feel hot. Now Fix me!
Ahmed: haha, what can I do from here? Ok, ask Nana (a doctor) to give you some medicine and then have mom take you to the doctor tomorrow if you still feel sick. And go to bed, its late.
Umber: …..Fine……..

5) Ahmed and Darrin are playing Pool.
Darrin has (somehow) won 3 games in row (somewhat convincingly).
Darrin: haha, this is like one of my best pool days. This cue stick is great.
The top of his cue stick then suddenly, without being touched, breaks off.
Ahmed: lol, what you do?
Darrin: Nothing, how’d you do that? Evil!
Ahmed: haha, I didn’t do anything. Grab another cue, I’m going to break.
Ahmed does a poor break (for him) and much of the balls are still centered (probably a poor racking job by Darrin). Ahmed gets one ball goes in but then he misses his next shot.
Darrin: blah, I’m just going to bust it open some more, everything is too bunched up.
Darrin stikes the group of balls and….1, 2, 3, 4 balls go in! All belonging to Ahmed.
Ahmed: LOL….omigosh….lol….i’m dying…hahaha.
Darrin: WTH? Evil evil guy.

6) Ahmed, Jane, and Anojan are at the Chocolate room.
Anojan: The waitress hasn’t really been attentive.
Jane: Yeah, where is she? I asked for milk and sugar like 10mins ago.
Ahmed: It doesn’t seem that busy in here, well I guess you can tip less.
Jane: haha.
At the end of the evening,
Waitress: I’m sorry I half abondoned you guys, I’ve just been busy with this rude table. I overheard you guys talking about Visa’s and Medical Jobs…..waitress proceeds to give a lot of info and tips for Jane on moving to NY, visa’s, and job searching.
Jane: Wow, you’ve been such a resource! Hmm….hey do you know any Sri Lankan girls for him (points to Anojan).
Ahmed starts laughing.
Anojan: Eyes bulge for a sec and then he lowers his head with hand to forehead (hiding) and goes quiet as he’s completely embarassed.
Waitress: haha, sorry can’t help you there.
After waitress leaves.
Jane: I think I’ll give her a good tip.

7) Janet and Ahmed playing wii before going to do cardio. Anojan gets home.
Ahmed: Hey Anojan, come do cardio with us.
Anojan: What now?
Ahmed: Yeah, you’ve been saying for a couple weeks you were going to start doing more cardio and you always say you’ll start on monday.
Anojan: Oh…well…I would, but I need to work on planning this Amazing Race stuff on my computer.
Janet: Oh can I help? Can I see what you have so far?
Anojan: Yeah sure, but its all on paper at work.
Ahmed: Its on paper at work?
Anojan: Yeah….umm….ok, I’m lazy I just dont’ want to do cardio ok.


7 responses to “Funny times

  1. Hehe I like your mom! She sounds like, well, a mom 😀

  2. [okay, so i’m repeating liya’s comment.] Your mom is hillarious. I love the laundry comment

  3. You certainly do love chocolate, don’t you?!

    Love the shooting pool story!

  4. Liya: hehe, 😀

    Becky: haha, yeah I laugh now…at the time, not as much.

    Abigail: Chocolate is great, whats not to love 😛 And yeah, that turned into such a great pool day for me hehe.

  5. Your mom is too cute! Hope your sis is feeling better!

    Nonsingle people do laundry too!

  6. ~*SilverNeurotic*~

    I think it’s a good thing my mother doesn’t use any IM programs. I would never get any peace and quiet!

  7. ruby: 🙂 she is feeling much better thanks.

    silverneurotic: hehe, i totally know what you mean. But its nice too.

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