The week in review

Amazing Race NYC was just awesome! Everyone had a lot of fun. But I’ll blog about that later when I get some pics from the other racers.

So for now…lets just do a bit of a recap. Last Tuesday Darrin, Jenn, and Aamir were in the city from Mississauga. So Tuesday we met up and went for Indian food. I was so in the mood for Indian food. I even got subway at lunch b/c I knew I’d have Indian for dinner. But then…..this place always says its halal, but today when asked the waiter was unsure… I had to get shrimp….which was meh…. 😦

Wednesday, Zaina and Arefin dropped by and then they along with Darrin, Jenn, Anojan, and I all went for Lebonese food, Yum! Afterwards went to my apartment and played Wii….such an addictive lil console hehe

Thursday Caitlin came down from Hartford and we went to Carmines (family style Italian restaurant). It was really good. It was rather late when we finished so we all just went home after that.

Friday we went to Les Mis! Wow! It was awesome! So So So good. I’d definitely put it in my top 5 and probably top 3 shows. At least based on entertainment. On how good of a show it is….it vies for top spot. The performances were just incredible. Then we all (Anojan, Caitlin, Mike, Darrin, Jenn) all picked up some chinese food and went back to my apartment and played more Wii. Until 4am! Then we had to wake up at like 8 Saturday for the Amazing Race.

But like I said, that will be a seperate post. So yeah, basically it was a very very fun (though expensive) week. Good fun with great friends, what more can I ask for. Oh….except for the raptors losing game 1…..still…..Raptors in 5 (well my gues is 6)!

On an entirely other note. I found that during every year of university, sometimes every term, someone would really start getting on my nerves. And at no fault of their own. Its just…..ugh, I don’t want to deal with them. They annoy me. And I hadn’t felt that for the last 2 years….till now. Its back. I’m finding someone really annoying. And its not because I spend too much time with them. I’m not sure why it is. But….I take it as another sign I need vacation 😛 At first I was thinking maybe I’ll take a weekend trip home. Or a weekend trip to LA to visit Omar. But…I think I’ll take 4 days off and take a long trip home. The end of May inshaallah. Then hopefully I’ll go visit Omar in May or June as well but that will only be a weekend trip. Of course if I inshaallah get into the schools I’m applying to……sigh still very worried about that…if only I had made it in time for the earlier rounds… plans my change. Dah well its out of my hands now.


3 responses to “The week in review

  1. is that les miserables? my friends want to watch that here in londres.

    btw, if person is annoying u…take a few deep breaths. analyse why they annoy you. then email me and we can discuss/probe the matter further!!

    btw, have u watched ep 9 and on of Little mosque?? am i missing something

  2. I wanna see Les Mis!!!!

  3. sofi: Yep, its Les Miserables. And its awesome! You should really go see it!

    Hehe, thanks for the offer…but I’ll wait to see for it to pass first… and I don’t have your email anyways.

    No, I have no idea what happened…..I miss it 😦

    Liya: Go go go! Its really worth it!

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