Yay…….boo…….interview tag.

I have 2 other blogs….but they are just for testing stuff out in blogger design and template stuff…..but I’ll never get around to fixing this layout if I just leave it there. So I’m goign to slowly start moving stuff here and changing stuff even if it looks weird and is incomplete….at least it’ll be some progress….hopefully….sometimes you need to step back before moving forward.

First the good news. Raptors won!!!!!!! Yes! Parker with a big game! Bosh and TJ both played well. And we evened the series up at 1-1. Now we’re off to NJ for game 3 on Friday where I will be attending! wooohooo! And props to Mitchell for winning coach of the year!

Now the bad news…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……..sigh…..I’m waitlisted by both Texas and Toronto. Now Toronto I know my interview only went so so….but still….Texas I had a great interview so I’m more surprised…….but now I’m scared……..while I still have 3 schools to hear from still…..I’m much more doubtful. I really feel that its because I applied in the later rounds…..darn my recommenders for not getting them in earlier……darn me for not finishing my essays and hounding my recommenders for getting it done faster….sigh.

My gmat is good. The quality of my work experience is great. My essays I think were alright. My gpa sucks. My number of years of work experience just meets the minimum. So the fact that I’m at least waitlisted…..if I must look for positives…..is good. It means I just missed out….well waitlisted means theres a chance I’ll still get in…….but really….I doubt it.

Inshaallah I’ll get into one of my remaining schools. But if not…..well working for another year is not the end of the world. I’ll be able to save more for school and need less of a loan. And I’m absolutely positive that if I apply earlier next year I’ll get in. I mean when I applied in later rounds the majority of the spots were taken. And I still almost got in. I can improve my essays and 1 more year of experience will help too. It sucks…….but I had evening of dismay last night and I must try to be positive again now….and hey. InshaAllah I’ll still get into my other schools…its not over yet.

On another note, Ruby had this game on her blog which I volunteered myself for….its basicaly a tag answer 5 questions type deal. Here we go.

1) The only chocolate left on the planet is one block of dark lindt. It’s guarded by 10,000 hungry lions. I know you want it, what do you do to get past them?

Hmm….it better be one big block….cause otherwise I’d make my own chocolate..but hmm…lets see. I think I’d draw them away with bait…..or maybe I can steal one a giant robot dinosaur from disney and scare them all away.

2) What was your favourite cartoon as a child?

I can’t pick one….but…I won’t list all of them….to many……..lets go with…..3. Gummi Bears, Thunder Cats, He-man.

3) You have the chance at an all expenses paid trip to anywhere on this planet. Where will you go?

On a trip around the world! But if I had to choose a single place….thats tough….I’d like to say Turkey or Spain or Egypt…….but I think I have to go with Mecca b/c while inshaallah I’ll have many oppurtunities to travel in the future but just in case….I should do this first.

4) Favourite meal?

Shrimp! No wait….Lamp Chops….or Steak….can chocolate cake be a meal? ok…so many to choose from….lets go with… allo and fish pakora appetizers. rice and kebabs as the first course. prawns for the 2nd course. and 1 lamp chop in fried egg to top off the main courses. Then for dessert lets have a light fluffy chocolate layer cake with thin chocolate mousse layer. No icing. And maybe some double ka meeta as well (not sure about the correct spelling). And maybe the next day have good bbq with burgers, mcdonalds fries, and a sundae with chopped banana. šŸ˜›

5) How do you feel about socks and sandals?

I’m actually not big on sandals…..but then I spent a lot of time in India in the last 2 years (visiting, internship). And….I’ve changed my mind. Sandals are great. Now for socks…….I get cold easily…..and I don’t like being cold. Give me the heat anytime. So socks with sandals….perfectly fine by me.

The rules to pass along:
– Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me!”
– I will respond by emailing you five questions.
– You will inclue this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
– When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


7 responses to “Yay…….boo…….interview tag.

  1. Socks and sandals are not fine! They’re not!

  2. haha, you do what you have to when you’re cold. Though if I really was cold I’d just wear shoes.

  3. Socks and sandals :O
    I think Ruby was testing you on that one hehe.

  4. Good questions Ruby. And I agree there is never ever a situation where it is okay to wear socks and sandals. Never. If you are cold then tough it out like a man, or put on shoes!

  5. I agree its better to put on shoes. But overall….in the fight between warmth and fashion…….warmth wins. At least in this case.

    In case ppl are wondering….I don’t currently own any sandals so I won’t be doing this fashion faux pas anytime soon.

  6. 2) I LOVE Thunder Cats! They need to come back into style!

    4) That’s quite a big meal!

    5) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just say NO!

  7. abigail: they went out of style? šŸ˜›

    hehe, yes it is šŸ™‚

    Am I the only one that cares about be warm? I did say that its more of a last resort and you should go with shoes first (if you’re cold).

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