Raptors, weight, visitors, & a contest

I went to the Raptors in New Jersey on Friday. The seats were great. And Bryan Colangelo said “Hey guys” to me and Noah. That was the highlight. As after that, when the game started…..the Nets killed us. Sunday was game 4. I watched from home….for 3 quarters. It was even worse than Friday. Hopefully things improve for game 5….

I bought a scale on Saturday. I’m hoping it will motivate me. I won’t disclose my weight here. Its not that bad I suppose…….but its still the heaviest I’ve been in my life….sigh…I think I hide it quite well. As most people tell me I’m fine and don’t need to lose anything. Some people even call me skinny (janet). but there are others that are evil who call me fat or tubby or something (darrin) and thats spreading to two other evil ppl (jenn and caitlin) grrr…..

Jane will back in town tonight. My apartment really is like a revolving door with friends coming and going quite frequently the last month or two. I don’t remember when I last deflated the air mattress. Its a lot fun though. And not at all a complaint.

I just agreed to a contest with Ruby. 8 weeks (~June 24) to lose weight. We both have our own individual goals. But I always do better when there is a competitive factor involved. So my own goal is about 10pounds. So slight more than 1pound a week….shouldn’t be too hard right?….Anyone else want to partake in this little contest?

Oh and another thing. I’m going to try and spend less time online. I want to stop waisting time doing pointless stuff online. Maybe the time will be spent on better things like reading…or maybe not….I just think I spend too much time online. So I’m going to try and no longer use the internet after……..12 (midnight)….and maybe work that done to 11. I may still be online…..or doing something on my computer…..so its somewhat of a loophole….as I could still chat if people message…..but….the main thing is to just not sit there and start conversations or randomly surf the web. Hopefully this wil lead to me reading more (I’m woefully behind on reading my ever increasing stack of books on my window sill) and going to bed early. And hopefully that will in turn lead to me actually waking up early enough to cardio in morning and eating breakfast.


7 responses to “Raptors, weight, visitors, & a contest

  1. “I’m going to try and spend less time online. I want to stop waisting time doing pointless stuff online.” — hehe.. I think we all say this! My goal is to sleep by 10. I sleep at 12.

  2. You’re going down Ahmed! RRRRRRRRR! I’m sooooooo gonna win this!

    As soon as I finish this latte.

  3. Liya: sleep at 10? wow…there is no way I could do that…I don’t get home til 715-730…no way i could relax, eat, go to gym, or whatever in 2.5hrs. sleeping by 12 is my goal…right now its 1-130.

    Ruby: my nice answer….hopefully we both meet our goals we’re both winners 🙂

    real answer: hah! The only thing going down for me is my weight, now that i have some competition (well…sort of) and motivated, theres no way i’ll lose. I’ll have more trouble thinking what my prize should be.

  4. Oh its on now!

  5. My twin sister and I are trying to spur eachother on. Both of us want to weigh less than the other… So when she loses pounds, I lose pounds. And when I lose, she loses, etc etc etc.

  6. I sleep at 1 goal if for 10-30 11ish.

    And yes we need to spen less time in the net!…procrastination I tell you.

  7. becky: thats a nice system….hopefully it only works in that direction 😛

    dew: its so easy to procrastinate…time goes so quickly too…

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