The last few days

OK, so Day 1 I did cardio…..since then…squat…..sigh…but I’ll do some today! Tuesday was the game so I couldn’t. The Raptors won!!! Yes!!!! And then yesterday Anojan, Aamir, Jane, and I went out for Baskin Robbins ice cream and then to a Yemen restaurant (it was so good!) as Aamir heads back to Canada tomorrow. But today no excuse! I will excercise!

Oh, I got Accepted! Yes, after 2 rejections finally! I got….a credit card πŸ˜› hehe. A whole $300 limit too. haha, for those confused. US Credit card companies don’t look at my Canadian credit history. So when I moved here I had zero credit history. So I applied for citibank cards a couple times (they have a good airmiles credit card) but got rejected because of the lack of credit history. But now, finally I got one….though with another company. I don’t really need a credit card, but it should help establish more of a credit history. Which helps in other things like getting loans and even renting an apartment. Its a bit of a pain but its funny too. A $300 limit on a card? I had bigger limit on my canadian card in highschool.

As for my mba applications…..I’m now 3 for 3 on being waitlisted, the latest wait list being USC. So…yeah, feeling a bit doubtful…though not down. InshaAllah it’ll work out.

I finally got all the Amazing Race pics…so I’ll do a picture post soon enough….within the week hopefully. For now they are on facebook if ppl can’t wait.

Does this make sense to anyone?
Janet and Zaina having a conversation
J: Hey have you talked to Ahmed recently?
Z: No, have you?
J: Nope, its been quite awhile.
Z: yeah, I know we haven’t been online at all and have been really busy studying for finals but he’s been a bit distant.
J: yeah, and i know he’s had a lot of visitors lately and been busy with them and with work as well….but he’s acting weird.
Z: you think he’s mad at us?
J: maybe….grr…how dare he be mad at us.
Janet calls ahmed
J: hey i got a bone to pick with you?
A: huh?


5 responses to “The last few days

  1. No, it makes no sense to me. Why? Because of ONE single line:
    “Z: yeah, I know we haven’t been online at all and have been really busy studying for finals but he’s been a bit distant.”

    They haven’t been online, so how could they talk to you? πŸ˜›

  2. ServesYouRight

    what a fabulous title for your blog – ROTFL!!


  3. Happy working out!

  4. Hey Brother Ahmed, been hitting the gym thats good πŸ™‚ Im glad you got accepted for credit, sometimes I know it is not easy. I dont think anything is weired about the conversation, and I know how its been for finals 😦 I’ll I did was stay home basically all weekend and study aside from going to the DMV and taking some stuff back to the mall, finishing some assignments before they are due. Anyways I hope that you have been doing well, I havent had much tyme to come online and blog but I have updated finally πŸ™‚ !

  5. b: haha exactly!

    servesyouright: πŸ™‚ thanks

    hs: πŸ™‚

    almira: yay a new update! I’ll go check it out πŸ™‚

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