What dreams may come…

Have you ever had a dream in which you weren’t human? I was talking to a couple of friends recently about dreams and they said they hadn’t so I was just wondering how common it is.

We were talking about dreams and then of nightmares. I haven’t had a nightmare for years and years. But when I have in the past it has almost always been about death. Not my own, but people around me that I care about. There is however one exception, and its in that dream that I’m not human.

What I am is a ball in a square room. And I slowly bouncing (well more reflecting than actually bouncing) off the walls. Like an old school video of pong. And I have no control over the direction I’m going or the speed I’m going at.

I don’t know what it means, I’ve actually never tried to analyze it. But as as kid it was pretty scary.

Aside, I’m approaching my 10,000th hit. My counter is in the right column, take a look and leave a comment if your number 10k!

Trying out some new colours…..its darker than I want….I actually want light colours…..its just so easy to go with a darker layout/design…..


4 responses to “What dreams may come…

  1. What color ball were you? I feel that’s key somehow.

  2. I have the STRANGEST dreams/nightmares ever, all the way from chocolate rivers to decapitated people… But in ALL my dreams/nightmares, I am human. I wonder how come you are a ball in yours lol, that’s a bit funny hehe

  3. I like the colours!

    I’ve never really had dreams like that. I’m always me and weird things happen and I usually remember most of the dream after I wake up – especially the nightmares. I find dream interpretation to be really interesting. For some reason some cultures believe you shouldn’t talk about your dreams at all or at certain times of the day…never understood that.

  4. ruby: hmm….I honestly don’t remember…

    sarah: mmm…chocolate rivers….decapitated people…wow, I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt something so graphically violent.

    aka: Thanks 🙂 I find dreams really interesting too! I just wish I remembered them more often… I wonder how that culture developed those beliefs…hmm…

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