Quick Update

Finally updated the Picture Archive with all the remaining picture posts from 2006 and 2007. Hopefully I’ll do a better job of keeping it up to date going forward. I also noticed I have quite a few posts in 2006 but 2007 has been pretty quiet….so I think I’ll do some more picture posts soon. 🙂

oh, getting really close to 10k hits!

Does the left hand column seem to light a colour?


2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Yeah I think the left is still too light. I liked it when you had everything in different shades of blue, that looked nice …but who am I to complain since my template is still messed up :S lol

  2. Liya: Agreed it is too light….so I just changed it a bit darker. I thought the shades of blue worked alright…but the overall scheme was too dark…I really want something more bright. It makes me feel more positive.

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