The Challenge

I decided I wanted to get back in shape. I’m not fat or anything but I use to be in much better shape than I am now. Its hard to be consistently active when you work long hours and aren’t in school anymore. Particularly in New York where eating out for most meals is the norm.

But anyhow, I started a contest or challenge with Ruby and then Mezba and Sofi joined in as well. We each have our own specific goals but I feel the sense of competition will help motivate me. The end date of the challenge is June 24th. My basic goal is to lose around ~10lbls or so and just be in better shape. Anyone else want to take part?

Now although the challenge technically started maybe 2 weeks ago, Ruby and I have really only been running our mouths trash talking 😛 . But now its time to get serious. I have just under 6 weeks….

Alright so here’s where I stand right now.

Now –> Target

Weight: 173 –> 163
So the goal is to get to 163…If I don’t make it BUT I see myself being more muscular…I’m fine with that.

Body Fat: 14% –> um…..12%?
Is 12% a good goal? I have no idea. And I really don’t trust my scale to be accurate in this…I doubt its right…but hopefully I’ll at least be able to track a trend..hopefully a downward trend.

Hydration Level 60% –> ???
Ok, not sure how to make use of this value…but I’m going to try and drink more water.

Alright, so now I know my starting point. Once a week I’m going to check these things to see how I’m doing and I’ll write down how often I went to the gym that week too. I challenge everyone in the contest to do so as well, I know if I see others going to the gym 4+ plus times a week I won’t let myself get away with only going twice.

Now excercise isn’t everything so I’m going to try and eat healthier too…which sucks since right now I’m really craving some Popeyes chicken…..but yeah. I’ll eat healthier. No more junk food or chocolate unless:
1) Its free.
2) I’m out with a group of at least 3 people who are also getting dessert.

sigh….I’m hungry already…..I need to find some healthy snacks…..


6 responses to “The Challenge

  1. ACK! You’re buckling down??? What???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have to mail you some chocolate!

  2. I want to join too! Teachers bring way too many fatty foods to the staff room where I stuff my mouth… who knew teaching was so um fulFILLING hehe… sorry for my lame attempt at a joke! Actually I just want to lose 5 pounds thanks to a very sad sad thing that happened to me last weekend (which I’m not sure I want to blog about) but yeah… oh and actually I also want to tone my arms and legs cause I have no muscle whatsoever… so count me in!

  3. We have a deadline? Yikes!!!!!

  4. ruby: I am buckling down, I’m going to win this thing! um…..send me the chocolate though….mmmm…chocolate…

    liya: welcome to the challenge, i hope the sad thing wasn’t really that bad.

    mezba: a fast approaching deadline…less than 6 weeks….

  5. we have an end date?!

  6. sofi, yep! But I’ll be continuing it past the end date inshaallah and set a new goal at that time.

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