I’m not dressed yet

I don’t own any shorts. The last time I had shorts was like 5-6 years ago. I bought them to for the gym and playing bball/squash/etc. I used them for a year and then I lost them somehow and never bought another pair. Before that it was like grade 9 highschool gym class that I wore shorts. I prefer track pants. For one simple reason. Shorts are……..short. I feel exposed in them! Ok, yes I know I’m a guy but still….after going so many years wearing pants I feel underdressed in shorts.

This weekend, with my goal of getting in shape in mind, I went shopping at Jersey Gardens. I got new shoes and I was looking for some track pants when I came across some long shorts. I looked at them….hmm….that are actually a fairly decent length…and soft….its a thick material…but light….maybe I’ll just try them on….hey these are comfortable….and they are pretty long…and…I don’t feel too too exposed…and they have deep pockets…..and I got them! Yay!

Unfortunately, my watch has recently stopped working. I alway wear my watch (unless I”m at home). I can’t remember when I last didn’t have a watch to wear and now suddently…..I’m wristwatchless! So now even in my full length pants and shirt sitting at my desk at work……I feel half-dressed…..sigh…….


3 responses to “I’m not dressed yet

  1. My watch stopped working a couple of months ago. When I went to see how much it would cost to repair it, I realized its probably best just to buy a new watch… I still have yet to make a new purchase, and have been relyin on my cellphone…I should probably get one soon too!!

  2. Congrats on the new shorts! Do you mean gym shorts? Does that mean you’re going to the gym? Cause that means then I have to go the gym too..
    I hope you get a new watch soon!

  3. hs: yes, I use my cellphone for my watch (and my alarm) now too! I’d be lost without my cell.

    ruby: 1 gym and 1 casual and yes! I have been doing cardio! You should go too. šŸ™‚

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