6 degrees of losing weight in November while in Amsterdam

Fitness Check in ————————————-
checkin. I made it to the gym 5 times last week! And did cardio each time! Sometimes only 20mins when I was feeling lazy…but still, its better than nothing! My weight has been fluctuating quite a bit (by 2 pounds or so) But so far I think I’m down at least 0.5 a pound. So not bad, hopefully I can keep this up.

Strange Coincidence #1 ————————————-
Caitlin, Fausto, Jane, & I are all hanging out.
Caitlin to Me: Hey, Fausto’s bday is in November too!
Fausto to Me: When’s your bday?
Me: Nov. 2nd
F: Thats my brothers bday.
Me: Oh yeah? When’s yours?
F: Nov. 19th
Me: Thats my sisters bday! Thats so odd.

Strange Coincidence #2 ————————————-
My cousin Rasheed & I are in Amsterdam. We decide to go to a comedy show called Boom Chicago. We get there and are seated by the waitress in a large hall that fits 200-400 people (I’m not great at estimating). Not 2 mins later the waitress comes and seats two other right beside us. Its Rohit! One of my friends from University. I knew he was going to Europe as well but didn’t know his exact plans. What are the odds that we both go to the the same city in Europe, are in Amsterdam on the same day, go to the same show, at the same time, and seated next to each other? Craziness.

Strange Coincidence #3 ————————————-
I started to blog. I then came across Sarah’s blog. Sarah is from NY which is where I’m currently living (though she’s not from NYC…she wishes!). From Sarahs blog I found anon’s blog. Anon is from LA and related to my friend Omar. Omar went to my highschool, Erindale, along with another friend of mine Aamir. Sarah and Aamir also friends. Omar just moved to LA for work but he’s originally from Canada and went to University of Toronto. At UoT he knew Mezba. Mezba knows Ruby who is from Toronto (as is Squeeky and FU). Ruby went to Waterloo which is where I went! I’m from Mississauga which is where Liya is from. Liya is a teacher (Squeeky is also a teacher) and almost took a teaching job at my old highschool, Erindale. One of my best friends from Erindale is South African and currently studying medicine there (Liya is also South African). SingleGuy is also in medicine and working (maybe studying i forget) in South Africa as are Saaleha, K-Man, and Bilal. Bilal and FU use (maybe still do) to work business tye jobs. Sofi works a business type job (finance) in the UK which is where CellarDoor and Hanna are from. Cellar has a friend named Caitlin as I do. Hanna is friends with Anon. My Grandparents almost settled in the U.K. before deciding on Pakistan instead (coming from India). Pakistan is next to Bengladesh which is where Mezba and Haleem‘s are from. Though Haleem is now in Mississauga. ABCDLaw is going to Pakistan soon and is also going back to school soon for Law. My cousin Alia is a lawyer living in Hartford, Conneticut which is also where my friend Caitlin lives. Almira is also going to be starting school soon and AKA just moved to Australia to start school. AKA blog is Half a cup of Chai. And Chai can be had with Samosa‘s. And AKA knows Samosa who knows Ruby. And….I’m not sure how to fit more ppl into this 6 degrees of seperation thing (some of these links are already quite weak) but…it is a small world isn’t it?


10 responses to “6 degrees of losing weight in November while in Amsterdam

  1. I must say I love this new blog template of yours.

  2. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your strange coincedence #3 and how you put it together! How amazing!!!

    And I LOVE how you said I’m a teacher…sometimes I just have a hard time believing that I made it this far but it sounds so good to hear it from other people πŸ˜€

    P.S Would your best friend from Erindale who’s currently studying medicine in SA, happen to start with a “Y” ? Just curious!

    P.P.S I’m actually from Brampton but teaching in Mississauga though saying I’m from Mississauga sounds much cooler πŸ˜€

    P.P.P.S There’s currently one teaching job available at Erindale and it’s for French (so that sucks – for me!)

    Great post!

  3. I love the six degrees, too cute! I know Chai as well as Samosa! πŸ™‚

    BTW, I’ve not been good with the diet so right now you might be beating me…

  4. Haleem: Thanks πŸ™‚

    Liya: I’m glad you liked it, I had fun doing it too πŸ™‚ Congrats on being a teacher! And you’re right, Mississauga is much much cooler hehe

    Ruby: uh oh, come on you can do it! At least the excercise bit, not eating desserts is hard…trust me I know…I’ve had more than a few this weekend myself.

  5. I am confused. You go from talking about weight to coincidences. Are they supposed to be related somehow and I am missing something? lol *unsure*

  6. haha, no they aren’t related. But thats why I put the “—–” lines. Just once a week or so I’m putting in a fitness checkin to update how I’m doing on my goal.

  7. Heehee I loved your 6 degrees! I play that game too regarding random actors. It really is a small world na!

  8. Salacious Samosa

    I guess that means that you must be my cousin, and so that translates into: we can never date or get married….



  9. That is a crazy set of connection, but very cool! Thanks for including me πŸ˜€ Yes chai can be had with samosa’s…we were meant to be lol.

    I can’t believe #2! Even when you think you’re so far away from everyone, you always seem to find a bit of home. I found some long lost connections here too!

  10. abcdlaw: thanks, yeah I usually play it at movies while waiting for it start.

    samosa: sigh, its a cruel twist of fate πŸ˜›

    aka: hehe, np. And yeah, #2 was so weird. I’m glad you found some lost connections…its always nice to have a bit of home.

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