Dancing my way home

I have 1 big thing on my mind to blog about….but that will wait till next week. For now…I’m going home tomorrow!!!!!!!! I haven’t been home in like 5 months, and even then it was only a weekend…well this is jsut going to be a weekend too……but a long weekend……and….well I’m looking forward to it! Saturday meeting up with some old friends. Sunday meeting up with some new friends. Some bloggers actually. So if you’re Mississauga/Toronto blogger and you also want to meet up for lunch on Sunday let me know. And of course time with family! Home cooked food! Play some Nintendo Wii with my sister, go see pirates 3 with my mom. And just chill and hang out with everyone. =) Thats this weekend. Now below is last weekend which was also a lot of fun, take a look.

So on Saturday, knowing that Caitlin and Fausto were coming down to visit, I did a quick Google search to see what was happening in the city. What I was the 1st Annual Dance Parade. Apparently different dance schools/assocations/clubs etc were all going to be dancing in a parade followed by a festival in the park. We got to the parade late and only saw the tail end of it, but the festival afterwards in the park (basically performances on stage by different groups) were awesome and so much fun. I really thought I’d only go check it out for an hour or two and I ended staying and watching for almost 4hours! Here are some pictures I took. Unfortunately my batteries ran out so I have no pictures of some of the really cool classical dancers, the salsa, the fox trot, tango, as well as some other more modern dance groups.

Brazilian Dancers

I forget where they’re from…

Guy bopping his head.

Cowboy Dancing Guy

Some Costumed Dancers

Hoola Hoopers!

Rock on!

Lets Dance and Shout!

Stilts Girl

Strange Costume Guy

Now entering the Park (festival area) we see The dreaded Dancing Ninja!

Opening act of the festival, they had a great beat.

I just like this shot of the drums.

And then there were Belly Dancers

The Hip Hop Girls

The Michael Jackson type dancers, they were amazing!

Another shot of them…too bad I didn’t take a video…

The Hip Hop Boys

The Charleston!

Peurto Rican Dancers!

The Geneva Kids Drum Group!

This was the most bizzare group! White guy with weird hair, black guy in garbage bag space suit, belly dancer, white girl in pink top and fluffy boots and of course…

The old perverted indian guy….

Then we had a big surprise performance

It was C&C Music Factory!! Now I know its old school, but still…….why does no one else remember who they are? They sing that “Everybody Dance Now!” song. And “Things that make you go Hmmm….” Click Here and I’m sure you’ll remember.

After we all just went for food in the West Village area. Thats Caitlin and Fausto on the left, Jane and I on the right.


3 responses to “Dancing my way home

  1. C &C music facotry! I loved them! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Where’s the picture of YOU dancing huh?! šŸ˜›

  3. Ruby: It was a blast! šŸ™‚

    B: oops, I must have forgot to include that one šŸ˜›

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