Returning Home

I got the email. Haven’t got the actual papers yet so I don’t tell anyone.

I left work early, got back to my apartment for some last min packing before going to the airport…..awk…I forgot the key at work…but the super let me in…so it was fine. Checked the mail on my way up and I got what I was waiting for. Took the cab to the airport and flew back home to Canada. My family was out at a wedding so I took a cab home and just relaxed. Its nice to be able to just sprawl on the couch, at home, and just watch tv and eat a home cooked meal. It was also really weird to be back. Well weird is not the right word. But…I haven’t spent very much time at all in Canada in the past ~2 years. It was odd having so much space again. And not huge buildings everywhere.

Woke up (I heard birds when I woke up!) and came downstairs to greet my parents. And tell them, I got into Rotman (University of Toronto) MBA program! They were naturally very happy to hear I got in and of course that I’m moving back. I’m really excited! I feel like I’ve missed out on tons not being home. I dont’ regret leaving. I’ve experienced a lot and seen so many things here in NY. Still…you miss not being at home at times. That said, after my initial YAY when I found out on Wednesday. I’m going back to school!!! My 2nd thought was ok….I have 8 more weeks to do everything I want to do and haven’t yet in NY!

So after that I quickly got ready and met up with Jessani, Nadin, Gabriel, and Al to play squash. I haven’t played in ages and oh man…I’m out of shape. But I still managed to go undefeated! πŸ™‚ Afterwards we went played some basketball. I’m terrible at basketball but I’m a decent shooter and managed to win at 21. Then in American, everyone was tired so we only played to 4 points and I somehow managed to win that too!

After that we met up with James, Bradley, Seiji, Bill, and Ruth and just chilled at Jessani’s place for awhile and played ping pong and a couple more games of 21. I was undefeated at pong and won 1 more game of 21. I’m on a roll today! After getting ready we all went to Alice Fazooli’s (which coincidentally is the same restaurant we all went to when I was leaving Canada to come to NY) where Ali, Shahzad, Hillary, Dave, Ken, June, and Gordon joined us for dinner. I have to say the Calamari was excellent. The rest just ok. Jessani raves about the pizza….I haven’t tried it but compared to NY pizza….I dont’ know…afterwards we went to Ken&June’s place and just hung out. And my lucky streak was broken as Shahzad destroyed me in pong. Twice. Ah well, better him than Jessani πŸ˜› It was great to see everyone again and just chill and talk. I can’t wait to be back and doing that more often.

I met up with some bloggers (Mezba, Ruby, Isheeta, Liya, & Samosa) at Yorkdale mall for the first time. I’ve never met other bloggers before so I really had no idea what to expect. And I’m a pretty quiet person until I get to know people…but then I semi-sort of know them….but anyways it turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone was very friendly, cool, and pretty much like their blogs. I’m looking forward to hanging out with them some more when I’m back.

The rest of Sunday and Monday (its was a holiday for me) was spent with family. And that was….fun, annoying, silly, frustrating, awesome. Everything families always are. πŸ™‚


5 responses to “Returning Home

  1. interesting week eh,.

    MBA? Congrats…i completely understand – there is nothing quite like being back home.

  2. I’m a pretty quiet person too until I get to know people and even then I still am πŸ™‚ It was great meeting you guys, I like how you said “everyone is pretty much like their blogs” – I thought so too, and I liked that. It was nice, it was honest. And yes, we should definitely meet up we you come back!

  3. Salacious Samosa

    I ain’t quiet, I’m a riot. So I hope you’ll excuse my rather unladylike behaviour.

    It was great to meet you… and do you hit the gym or what dude? You’re totally pumped!



    PS: Pity we’re related cousin brother…

  4. sofi: Thanks, I’ll definitely miss NY but I’m excited about going home! And going back to school…the idea of being a poor student again though….well oh well hehe

    liya: Yeah thats another thing that made everyone cool. Everyone was just themself without putting on any airs.

    Samosa: haha, I go very inconsistently…I’m just good at hidding my fat πŸ˜›

  5. Congrats! πŸ™‚

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