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Ok, I was tagged by Ruby to list my five favourite places to eat. There are so many wonderful places to eat and I just love food but I have to choose some…so after much deliberation….in no particular order….here we go. Oh but unfortunately I only have pics for the first two.

1. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Brooklyn, NY
This is simply the best pizza I’ve had in NY. Its thin (I like thin pizza), its not oily, and its incredibly tasty and delicious. I went last Thursday and after waiting in line (Yes, its that good that despite the hundreds of pizza places in new york, this place on a thursday night will have a lineup outside!) had a fantastic large pizza with ricotta cheese and peppers. I’ve been craving more all week…I can’t wait till I go again.

2. The Chocolate Room – Brooklyn, NY
The Chocolate (3) Layer Cake is just amazing! Its extremely moist, rich, and has a wonderful chocolate taste BUT its not heavy! I could just keeping and eating it. And as a free starter before you even read through the menu they give you a mini scoop of chocolate ice cream. The place itself is nice little dessert cafe and a perflect place to go and just hang out after a meal.

3. The Halal Cart on 53rd and 6th – Manhattan, NY
Looking at it, you may say its just a street vendor, like any of the hundreds of halal vendors on the streets of ny. But then I’d say to you, you haven’t tried it have you? Yes, like everyone else they serve shorawmas, gyros, platters with rice and salad, chicken, beef, lamb, etc but they’re portions are great and the food just seems to taste better from them. And that white sauce! Mixed in with that hot sauce!! Fantastic! And not only is there great food, but there is usually some very good eye candy as well! The lineup even at 2am will usually be half a block long or more!

4. Yemen Cafe – Brooklyn, NY
They have the best Roasted Lamb ever. I know many people aren’t into lamb but this is just amazing. And its a great deal. You get lamb soup, a salad, a giant naan, the roasted lamb with rice and vegetables and unlimted Yemen tea for like $15. The lamb is extremely tender and tasty and the service is quite fast.

5. Home – Mississauga, Canada
What can I say, I can go to restaurants all over the world, try any cuisine, but a home cooked meal made by my mom (and/or dad) just can’t be beat.

Ok, so now I’ll tag…….Sofi, Sarah, Samosa and anyone else that would like to share their favourite places to eat.


6 responses to “Tag: Places to eat!

  1. LOL the first pic of you about to devour the pizza is great!

  2. Where is that pizza place located??? I wanna go there someday!! Yummy! Ok I am gonna go blog about my 5 favourite places now!

  3. Great pic! Mmmmm choc cake…

  4. As sweet as the last choice is, I think it’s cheating lol…just kidding! I really need to visit NY one day. If nothing but for the chocolate cake…!

  5. Liya: You have no idea how hungry I was. And my friends, Evil Anojan and Evil Jane decided to go to the bathroom once the pizza came…..so I’m just sitting there staring at the pizza while I wait for them to return….it was so evil

    Sarah: Grimaldi’s is in the DUMBO area. Its near the waterfront area on the brooklyn side between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan bridge, and yes, you should totally go check it out!

    ruby: yes, its fantastic. I really love it because its so light

    aka: hehe, I admit it! It was slightly cheating, theres just so many places to choose I went with the ones I like to eat at regularly. (Instead of the ones I wish I could eat at regularly).

  6. I love to eat at Fudruckers, TGI Friday’s, and Red Lobster. Oh, and Olive Garden. And Pat’s Cheesesteak in Philly. Yum! I love food!

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